Tony Knowles reached three Crucible semi-finals without winning the world title but has today captured the first six reds event to be played at the famous Sheffield venue.

Knowles beat teenager Ross Muir 52-18 in their one frame match.

There's been a lot of rubbish written about the six reds format in the build up to the championship. I'm basically of the view that there's nothing wrong with snooker as it is.

There are many problems with the sport but the game itself isn't one of them.

However, it occurs to me that six reds might be the answer for seniors snooker.

Let's be honest, the old boys would struggle to produce much in the way of form on current tournament tables over the traditional format.

But the shorter game might be an idea for an over 40s tournament featuring stars of the 1980s and those who have recently turned 40.

This is ironic in a way because Sir Rodney Walker appears to believe six reds will bring a new generation to the game.

I think if it does anything it might actually rekindle interest from some of those harking back to the boom years.


celt147 said...

Well done Tony!!

Is this due to be televised?

Anonymous said...

Sir Rodney Walker is a clown.

Anonymous said...

Dave H

it would be good if you could write a piece about Shaun Murphy, what happened with his ex getting chucked out? and an update on his illness.

I hope he comes through, great player.

Anonymous said...

Has this been televised yet?

Anonymous said...

oh yes, I agree. An annual 'Seniors Tournament' would be very nice.

Matt said...

Would give Stephen Hendry a chance of winning something if nothing else!

Matt said...

And before anyone says anything, I'm a big Hendry fan so don't take me too seriously on that.

I didn't manage to catch any of the Super Sixes today, what was the general reaction to it?

Anonymous said...

Why has there been no mention or coverage(to my knowledge) of this on the BBC?

JohnH said...

I was in the arena for the semis and final- as there is mention on ceefax of dennis taylor being involved were there earlier rounds played elsewhere?
It was somewhat different to the stars of the future v legends battle that was promoted in the original release - playing in teams would of created more of a concept of a bigger match.

As a spectacle it was good to see Neal and Tony performing well and the lads did ok. The feeling remained that it would of been much better to have had a proper frame- the 6 reds ran awkward for the two juniors so no choice of reds was available to show their break building prowess.

snooker sixes could lead to a lot of exciting battles on the colours and could showcase the seniors from the 70s and 80s in a very marketable way- hopefully someone will be able to act on that idea.

Anonymous said...

They should only allow some of the seniors to play. Seriously, can you imagine Griffiths v Thorburn? Who would want to watch that? But get Higgins back, let him play against Taylor. Kirk Stevens can take his white suit to the dry cleaners. If they allow drinking between shots the players can raise a glass to Big Bill. Higgins can raise two. Get the old characters back - just keep the boring ones well away.

Anonymous said...

i seem to prefer the ones you dont like 3:09 anon

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:32

Do you like watching paint dry?

Anonymous said...


i prefer watching people watching paint dry.