Michael Holt can still beat John Higgins tomorrow despite losing the last three frames of their opening session this afternoon at the Betfred.com World Championship.

Holt has enjoyed his most consistent ever season, winning his opening match in all but one of the eight world ranking events.

Being 5-4 down isn't a crisis by any means and he showed enough in the way of good form to suggest he can still cause an upset.

But...he must first believe he can win. This is his biggest problem, which is why I'm not sure being 6-3 up overnight would have really done him many favours, as stupid as that sounds.

He would most likely have spent a sleepless night worrying about ways in which he could lose.

At least now the match is evenly balanced and Higgins has made enough mistakes to not yet be secure, even though he finished the session well.

All in all an interesting match and nicely poised.


Sammy said...

C'Mon Holty!
My Fave Player

Greg said...

It seems Holt just can't help himself. Watching him play gives me a headache.

Demon Potter said...

Strikes me Holt is a real character in the making - shame we don't see more of him in the big events.

Anonymous said...

i am interested in snooker, no matter what type. i dont care if a player can juggle, swear at press conference or says his opponent is rubbish. that doesnt interest me at all.

snooker does, and snooker only.

Anonymous said...

Holt is a bottler. It was there for all to see.

jamie said...

i was at the Crucible for the 1st session really enjoyed, the session it had a good feel to it. Plus I thought the programme this year was better value and the arena cooler.