Luca Brecel, a 14 year-old from Belgium, has won the EBSA European Under 19 Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Brecel edged England's Michael Wasley 6-5 on the black to become the youngest ever winner of the title.

The winner usually gets a place on the WPBSA circuit but Brecel is two years too young to take his place next season.

However, this victory proves he is one to watch in the future and his progress is worth following very closely.


Anonymous said...

This is exciting for snooker, a boy wonder who can match O'Sullivan and Trump for precocious talent and best of all, from central Europe and not the UK.

Anonymous said...

"Central Europe" is not exactly what comes into my mind thinking about Belgium... but I agree, it's definitely great for snooker because huge talents like Brecel are likely to raise awareness for the game in their respective countries.


RichP said...

Does that mean Wasley gets the place instead?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

This is fantastic news.

May I also congratulate Judd Trump who, having beaten Selby, in a very protracted final, won the qualifying competition to make the Premier Snooker League. The final contained some very indecisive shot selection - especially some of Selby's positionally play; Trump's 5 minute break on a safety shot - but overall good to see.

Just regards, the SWA - just who is on the panel/selection board? And how do the decisions get made? Is it just snooker writers or do sports journalists contribute?

Finally, who won Best Newcomer/Player of the Year?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

There are something like 40 members of the SWA eligible to vote in the awards.

Ronnie was player of the year, Liang Wenbo newcomer and Mark Selby achievement of the year for winning the Masters at his first attempt.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Dave?

Is there a website for the SWA and I take it the writers are from all around the world and not just Britain and Ireland?

Where was it held this year? Normally in Chester isn't it?

Would not disagree with any of the decisions. Think the newcomer award will be hard next season to pick.

Is that O'Sullivan's fourth player-of-the-year award in his career and was there a Paul Hunter awardee?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Luca won the tournament after only 2 years of snooker training - thats talent

Anonymous said...

2 years of snooker training

how many years of cue sport play beforehand?

kimball said...

Well anonymus, Luca Brecel started
out as a nine year old and played
rankingtournaments as a 10 year old.


His homepage explains it all.

Anyway, great for snooker, next step will be to show if he can match Björn Haneveers career.

Anonymous said...

According to his site he has been trained since he was 9 and a half. He has had 31 match centuries. His first match century was at the age of 12 a 122.

He has had a 148 in practice and 30 147's in training. He also has a high match break of 136.

A very talented lad and to hink he was 13 a few of weeks ago.

Janie said...

Luca was the best possible winner we could have had in Russia.

The semis and finals went out on Russia tv and for the Russian kids, who all play at least one cue sport already, to see a kid their own age winning, is going to provide a massive springboard in Russia, and give inspiration to many more young players around Europe.

I'd like to say a big public thank you to the Russian Federation and the St. Petersburg Federation for the fabulous tournament in a wonderful city and amazing venue.

The Russians just aren't enthusiastic enough about all cue sports and the day we were leaving they secured a major new sponsorship deal for their Federations form Russia's largest gas company - so they're really cooking now!!

Dave H said...

Joe, not we don't have a website. Liang won the newcomer award, which is named after Paul.

Anonymous said...

Dave, cheers for the info, Joe