Dramatic moments in the Martin Gould v Matthew Stevens match. In frame ten, Stevens needed a snooker on the pink to tie and duly got it but Gould was twice fortunate in attempting the pink from distance.

The first time he fluked a snooker; the second he left the pink on the top cushion.

On the third time of asking, Gould knocked it in for 7-3. You feel it could be a big moment in the match. Everyone needs a bit of luck to get to the Crucible and he seemed to be having it there.

Andrew Higginson looks very sharp against Michael Judge. On 41 in frame ten he ran out of position on the pink but knocked in a long yellow and went on to make 77.

Paul Davies v Jamie Cope is akin to tortoise v hare but we all know who won that one. Davies pulled it back to 6-4 but Cope has just dished for 7-4.

Nigel Bond was involved in a lengthy safety battle at the start of frame ten against Mike Dunn but, after Dunn's safety error, made a very solid 85.

Mark Selby is among those watching, principally to support Michael Holt, who has started to struggle against Dominic Dale.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I am loving these updates, keep them coming. How had Dale been playing?


Dave H said...

Very solidly so far, alhough the pressure will mount the closer he gets to winning.

Sammy said...

C'Mon Holty

Anonymous said...

C'mon Daley!

Anonymous said...

Nice Comments Dave!,

What a result for Gould. judging by live scoring he got a 100 break, he played superbly throughout. What are your thoughts?

Matt said...

Great result for Martin, while I'm not surprised that he won, I am surprised that he won 10-4, expected it to be much closer, even after the morning session.

Anonymous said...

Great win for Gould. And along with Higginson he will be just ecstatic to play at the Crucible for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate the updates, the Holt-Dale game looks a tight one. Come on Michael!

Anonymous said...

live scoring on WS site has been great today