Ken Doherty tonight admitted he would play next season but "not for much longer after that" following a very disappointing 10-5 defeat to Gerard Greene.

Ken's season is now over. He only won two matches and has been relegated from the top 32.

He said: “I’m on a slippery slope and I’m wondering where it’s going to finish.

“I’ll be back next season but not for much longer after that I wouldn’t have thought, not the way things are going.”

Doherty misses out on the Crucible for the first time since 1993.

As he always is, he was professional at his press conference. He didn't blame anything other than his own performance for the defeat.

But he will now have to win two matches to reach the Crucible next season and will need to find a vast improvement in form from somewhere to do so.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to see boring Davis again.
Come on Spick!

bongo@TSF.com (The Snooker Forum) said...

Hello David,

It's such a shame that Ken Doherty lost there, and also that we hear the news that he will retire soon. Ken is such a great sportsman and it would be a shame to see him go. Hopefully he will still be involved in the game through commentating or similar. Nobody can go on for ever though, but, like many players, he has struggled in the last number of seasons through the new breed of players coming through or the 'changing of the guard'.

There are still many good players winning matches and becoming the focus of attention through their play and if they deserve it then we can only be fair to them.

I do hope that Doherty can find some of his old confidence.

Thank you David for this great coverage of the events happening at the qualifiers.

I can't wait for the live draw tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

sounds like post match blues to me. Doherty is far too good to retire. Maybe he will learn to love the game again over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Having watched every ball of his match today I can understand Ken beginning to contemplate retirement. For much of the match he was a shadow of his former self which was produced only in some brilliant short bursts reminding us of how well he could play. Sadly too many missed pots undermined his challenge and Gerard played solidly matchplay snooker to be a worthy winner.
I hope Ken gets his consistency back next season and can buck the trend and return to the top 32 but on todays standard he probably would not make another final venue again.
John H

snookerfan92 said...

Does anyone know if the qualifyers came live?

bongo@TSF.com (The Snooker Forum) said...


They were not shown live, you would have been able to keep up to date on a live scoring or go to the venue.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame to see Ken miss out. I know he's getting close to 40 now and is developing into a very solid TV pundit, but it would be unfortunate to see him disappear from the game at a reletively young age.

Not withstanding the fact that the standard at the very top of the game is slipping slightly, you have to remember that only 2/3 years ago Ken was ranked No.2 in the World, and only this season pushed O'Sullivan all the way in Northern Ireland, so the class is still there.

But sadly he hasn't produced enough of that this season and I make it that once all the points have been added up, he will finish the season outside the Top 40. His chances of ever being in the top 16 again appear remote and indeed on current form will face a battle to remain on the tour.

I hope he can turn things round by at least getting back into the top 32.