Sometimes it can all come down to one ball, as looks to be the case in the Michael Holt v Dominic Dale match.

Dale was looking good for an 8-7 lead in frame 15 after clearing from the yellow but missed the black along a cushion.

After a protracted safety battle, Holt potted it and now looks a different player. He's just made a very well worked 92 for 9-7.

In the other match still on, it's hard to see Mike Dunn beating Nigel Bond.

Dunn missed the blue by such a distance in frame 15 that he burst out laughing.

Bond himself missed a slightly awkward black but Dunn failed to pot it and left it on for Bond to go 9-7 up.


Anonymous said...

I hope Michael Holt makes the best of the opportunity he has given himself. I was sure he would crack under the pressure today!

Anonymous said...

Has he finally sorted his head out? He made a superb break in the last frame against Mark Davis, and managed to held his nerve to see out today's match. I look forward to seeing how he copes with the pressure in the televised stages, good luck Holty!

Sweetpie said...

Well there's time when you have to have your head sorted out. I hope the time has come for Holty!
Nice win and good luck to him at the Crucible!

Sammy said...

WOOOOO!!!! HOLTY!!!!!!!
Hope he gets far at the Worlds!