All sorts of strange things can happen in a frame of snooker and this is what makes the game so fascinating.

Two examples from the Championship League today, each involving Graeme Dott:

He needed to win one frame in his last match against Steve Davis to reach the semi-finals. He missed frame ball red in the opener with six reds remaining and Davis set about clearing up.

Eventually, Steve finished dead straight on the pink and attempted to screw the cue ball off the side cushion for the black. In doing so, he horribly - and I mean horribly - miscued but the pink somehow ran around the table and found the yellow pocket. Worse still for Graeme, Steve finished perfect on the black.

That was 1-0, Davis won the next as well and things got very tense until Dott put away the third.

The other incident came in his semi-final against Judd Trump.

He potted a red and finished touching the green so played a roll up behind the brown.

However, he nominated brown for some reason - instead of the green - and failed to reach, thus leaving a free ball.

It showed that, out there in the arena, all sorts of things cloud a player's mind.

As I type this, Trump and Ricky Walden have made a quick start to the final. Ricky made it through after potting a terrific long black to make it 2-2 with Davis before winning the decider.

Don't forget, the winners' group starts tomorrow with a place in the Premier League beckoning for one player at the end of it all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Congratualations to Judd Trump. Fantastic final with some great break building; especially the last frame - Trump had to pull out some really good shots to keep the winning break going.

By the way, there isn't no shot clock in this is there? I don't understand how the player's can play in all the other conditions for the Premier League minus the most important one - why is that?

How do you think is going to win come Thursday, from such an electic bunch? I fancy Mark Allen.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I think the shot clock is a bit complicated to implement in this event.

As for the winner, it's very hard to pick one but if it's Mark Selby I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Dave, are you saying the technology isn't there or the logistics of it cannot be set up from this golf course venue for it?

I think Selby we be a firm favourite come Thursday. Unless he has a bad first day. Trump and Allen to be there or thereabouts.

No disrepect to Bingham, King, et al, but I would surprised if they won it. Then again, who'd thought Perry would've beat Selby last season.

Just one quick question: Has the selection policy changed now for how Barry Hearn selects the group for the Premier League? I ask because isn't it a fact now, that the only player to qualify for next season will be the holder? In the past before the qualifying tournament started wasn't selection based on wild cards, world champion, no.1 in the world etc? If so, how does he select the other 6 players after Thursday?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Only Ronnie is certain to be in it. After that Barry will pick who he wants in it in consultation with Sky.

The shotclock would have to be operated by someone, which means extra expense.

It's been fast enough anyway without it.

Anonymous said...

I expect the selection criteria will mainly be on who will get the public to pay to watch. That means current ranking tournament champions or former world champions or Jimmy White!
Looking at the crowds who watched Steve Davis in the world qualifiers I wouldnt be surprised if he still gets the nod.

Anonymous said...

as davie has already intimated elswehere...the shot clock is (partially) there so that the games are completed at a good hour on live tv

there is no need to add the expense to qualifiers when it is only internet watchers and not a major live tv slot on sky. IMHO

Anonymous said...

any more thoughts?