Bizarre scenes here in the press room after Liang Wenbo's 10-3 victory over Dave Harold where his press conference is translated into English by Ding Junhui.

Ding himself has needed a translator in the past but his English has obviously got better.

Liang, as he always seems to be, was all smiles after qualifying for a second successive year.

For the record, he doesn't mind who he gets in the draw and isn't going to make any predictions as to how far he will get.

"I will just go and play," he said, or rather Ding said on his behalf.

Mark Williams qualified for the Crucible for the first time after beating Tom Ford 10-5.

"Of all those who have qualified I'm probably the one they want to avoid," he said.

Written down, that sounds big-headed but that's not how he meant it and I suspect most of the top 16 would agree with him.

Who'd want to draw a twice world champion whose top 16 pressures have been considerably lifted?


wild said...

Jamie Burnett is only 2 frames away from the Crucible.
13 years of waiting...
Just like Pinches 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Great story about Ding translating. Anyone think the emergence of Liang can help Ding recapture his form - both in terms of having company on the circuit and having someone to share the burden of the fans' expectations?

Anonymous said...

I agree Liang will help Ding, and the pair of them have the talent to dominate the post O'Sullivan era along with Selby.

If this happens it'll produce the well needed shot in the arm for snooker as their fearlessly attacking, high scoring style of snooker will captivate audiences everywhere.

pete@cuesport.tv said...

Mark Williams is still a top player and in my opinion (on the form he has shown this year) is still good enough for the top 16.

He will be a tough draw for anyone in the first round at the Crucible and I would expect him to put in a performance.

Great to see Liang Wenbo has also qualified again, he was a breath of fresh air last year with his Kamikaze style - it is what the Crucible needs!

MJW said...

I would go as far as to say that 15 of the top 16 would not want to draw Mark, the other probably doesn't care.

Yes it is mathematically possible that he is not guaranteed a top 16 spot as of now, but I would put the probability well above 95% given the outcomes that must happen to deny him a place,