David Gray's 5-1 defeat to Tian Pengfei in the China Open yesterday means that he has been relegated from the professional circuit.

This is almost unbelievable. Gray is a terrific talent. He won the 2003 Scottish Open, reached the 2004 World Championship quarter-finals and was runner-up in that year's UK Championship.

But from a highest ranking of 10th he has suffered a dramatic decline in form.

I imagine he will carry on playing on the PIOS - what else is he going to do?

I would advise him to apply for the WPBSA discretionary wildcard as he may be in with a shout based on his career achievements.

Some would argue that he shouldn't get it as his lifestyle and lack of dedication have contributed to his downfall.

But I hope Gray can return to form.

It would be a shame to think that a player of such talent is lost to the game.


Anonymous said...

i agree. it is a shame.

was 2003 the year he played selby in edinburgh (when selby was relatively unknown?). if so i was there. he promised a lot....

Anonymous said...

"his lifestyle and lack of dedication have contributed to his downfall"....presumably this is a euphemism for boozing?

Jay said...

'his lifestyle and lack of dedication' what do you mean by this, I haven't seen anything documented about this...would the author care to expand?

Anonymous said...

I saw first hand most of Davids professional career, having been at the Norbreck for the qualifiers back when Ann Yates was TD.

He always gave the impression of being the "Big-time Charlie". When Jimmy & Ronnie was about David was never far away.

Ridiculously talented, but was always going to - in the main - underachieve.

And the idea of a wildcard? Would be the biggest disgrace in the history of the game.

Anonymous said...

waste of talent is a crime. he is lazy.i don't regret him and i want to see rather young lads with high wrrk ethic then lazy mymmy-boys like gray.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the post regarding David Gray (The "Big-time Charlie one), but think the comment below ("mymmys-boys like gray" - learn to spell fool) was out of order.

David has been supported by his Mum from Day 1, and all respect to her.
She was a charming lady (sorry, I can't remember her name), was there to support her son, (who would'nt want to support their son or daughter), and was never offensive to anyone or anything I was there.

Does that Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Anthony Davies, Matthew Stevens all "Daddys Boys" as they were well supported by their fathers?
Sorry, but I think there is no place or need for that.