The latest Snooker Scene podcast is something a little different as I discuss grass roots snooker - something often overlooked - with Neil Tomkins of Cuefactor.

At the end, I also talk about the best snooker websites available on the net.

To listen, click here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you as always for the podcast.
And also thank you for mentioning my translations at top-snooker.com :) I hope you don’t mind that I’m doing it, I’ve actually started doing that for my friends who wanted to know what John Higgins said in his interview but had problems understanding him. And there is indeed a lot of people who are interested in what you and your guests have to say, so Vadim – admin at top-snooker – wrote to me and said he wants it on his site, and so that kind of went on from there. Your podcasts are always very interesting to listen to and a great fun to translate, and as I’ve said – many people, even those who don’t speak English, greatly appreciate them – so I hope you’ll keep doing them :)

And by the way – internet-translator did mislead you. There was no negativity in the comment you’ve mentioned – rather sort of general ‘there are even more of us than everyone thinks’. So I guess people understood what you were trying to say with this remark about question from Moscow :)

Darya (darrus)

snookerfan92 said...

Loved the podcast.
I would say video streaming websites like youtube also help increase the popularity of snooker for people who can't view the live BBC stream

Dave H said...

Darya - I'm very happy you are interested enough in the podcasts to translate them and that Russia has taken to snooker in such a big way.

Anonymous said...

One observation is that your voice came across very clearly but Neil was very very quiet on my laptop and computer Dave. Excellent podcast though.

What about ladies snooker perhaps a conversation with Mandy Fisher?

Chris said...

Very good David, but World Snooker do update their player profiles...http://www.worldsnooker.com/player_list-8252.htm

Dave H said...

They're not updated properly

They don't update career prize money, highest breaks etc during the season

snookerfan92 said...

David, is there another podcast your going to post?

Dave H said...

Yes there'll be one next week

We got a little sidetracked with tournaments and other things