Barry Hearn has been presented with a Special Award by the Snooker Writers' Association.

The is in recognition of the Matchroom supremo's contribution to snooker over the last 30 years and also for his friendly attitude towards the media.

Hearn long ago realised that getting the press on side was an aid to being successful and journalists have always found him to be refreshingly direct.

If you squint, you can just about make out Snooker Scene editor Clive Everton presenting the award.


Anonymous said...

Just how many members does the Association have? Judging by the amount of press coverage snooker gets - or rather doesn't get - I should think meetings could be held in a phonebox!!

kimball said...

The "fine art..." bullshit starts to be boring, crawling over every page.

Hell Barry Hearn for being a superpromotor!
Here is the tip of the day for him
(as he hadn,t pondered the thought),it is high time for a high
quality "Ryder Cup" in snooker between the east and the west.

Finally, Dave, are there no sponsor for China Open??
It surely doesn't look like it.

Anonymous said...


please dont turn on comment moderation because of one person

it greatly fragments the discussions

just leave the nutters posts

most folk who come by and leave comments do so on topic and ignore his or her posts

Anonymous said...

Dave please turn on comment moderation to stop this rubbish

Anonymous said...

i do agree that some people need to stop posting the s**t that's posted here, just ignore them, they will get bored...

Anonymous said...

just adding to my post just above this one...

for example, the fine art, execept for that, it's perfect here.

Anonymous said...

i agree.

the sooner everyone ignores them the better and they will stop.

putting moderation on only lets them know its getting to you too much and they will keep an eye on it for whenever you stop moderation so they can start up again

Anonymous said...

Just what jacket is that Clive is wearing?
Is it the white, the off-white, the cream, the beige, pale brown, the sand, the stone, the gold or the bone?
And does he have trousers to match (can’t see from this pick ...)