I think the centuries record may well go at this year's Betfred.com World Championship.

From the first day's play, it was clear the pockets were slightly more generous than usual. Balls were going in off jaws that would often stay out.

Also, World Snooker has taken on board the critical comments of players and will re-cloth the tables an extra time this year, which should aid scoring.

There were five tons on the first day compared with six throughout the whole of the 1977 championship, the first to be held at the Crucible.

But, of course, snooker has changed a great deal in the last 32 years.

The record is 68 centuries set at the 2002 championship and equalled two years ago.

Stephen Hendry made the most in a single World Championship - 16 in 2002.

O'Sullivan already has three to his name but will surely need to reach the final to supersede Hendry's record.


Anonymous said...

"From the first day's play, it was clear the pockets were slightly more generous than usual. Balls were going in off jaws that would often stay out."

Why? Isn´t it unfair?

Anonymous said...

i think they were equally as easy as what they are in opening day or two (as well as the day or two into one table setup)....agree on the record due to extra recovering though

Dave H said...

Mark King has just potted a red off the jaw that Willie Thorne said 'shouldn't have gone in on a club table'

It's only a marginal thing but it's clear that they are a little more generous than usual

Anonymous said...

But some shots arent going in
example:allen´s black

Anonymous said...

or the red

Greg said...

I don't like that at all. I like to see big breaks but I like to see them earned.

Dave H said...

Er, it doesn't mean everything's going to go in, but clearly more are going in here than at some other tournaments this season

It doesn't mean there will be 100 centuries, I'm just predicting there will be more than 68

Anonymous said...

Mark King has just potted a red off the jaw that Willie Thorne said 'shouldn't have gone in on a club table'

It's only a marginal thing but it's clear that they are a little more generous than usual

10:49 AM


i hear that kind of comments at "all" tournaments. certainly by no means a rare saying

mathsisfun said...

Hi Dave,
Is there any more news about the Super6s? Such as who is playing and when?

Thanks. :-)

Claus Christensen said...

These aren't tournament tables? I'm a bit confused so please help clear this up..

As far as I know the table and pocket sizes are not up for negotiation. Especially not in ranking events you would imagine. Am I dead wrong on this or what?

Anonymous said...

i would predict thered be more than 68 too, on the basis the tables are being recovered once more than usual as that makes them play easier for a day or two at least.

the generous pockets saying is always the case at the start of tournaments.

its the same kind of table, new cloth and fitted to same templates and slate drop so even taking into account that all tables play that wee tiny amount different theres no way you can accurately compare both these tables with any in other rankers this season during their first days play there as no two shots will be the same.

comments like wouldnt have went in on a club table is one of WTs sayings. i watch every televised snooker match and almost always on bbc, especially with WT. he even says that in the players lounge when talking about matches he isnt in the box for, so nothing new there either

Dave H said...

mathisfun - I asked World Snooker last week who was in it and they didn't know

I think the 'revolution' may have been slightly overstated

Anonymous said...

"Mark King rattles a blue from very close range in the jaws of a top corner in the 12th frame against Rory McLeod, probably the miss of the tournament so far. As Gary Wilkinson, the former World Matchplay champion who now works as an official in the media centre, shrewdly points out: "There are no easy balls here. There are only some balls which are easier than others.""(worldsnooker.com)

Anonymous said...

How can the pockets be more generous? Are they not a fixed size for every tournament? Have they been made bigger for this event?

Can someone please explain.

Anonymous said...

the pockets are the same size for each tournament and are templated.

the slates are all the same size and cut.

so, that means the pockets are the same size, though slight variations (fractions of a mm) can be possible, but those are so small you couldnt see without a linen tester or magnifier.

when the cloth is new on the cushions and slate the pockets "play" bigger for a day or two but arent actually bigger in measurement...the pockets just take them easier, especially at slower pace as they "appear" to slide.

Dave H said...

Yes, I asked Dominic dale about this and he said it was the 'silky cloth'

I wasn't trying to suggest the pockets had been made easier deliberately

Anonymous said...

i posted at 4:39pm

i forgot to mention that i got my information from a few top pros and from one of the table fitters for WS events

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.39

Thank you very much. That makes sense and is a perfect explanation.

If only some of the commentators could explain this - Dave take note!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

no probs at all. glad to help

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to silly Willie talk's a good game, but let's face FACT'S what did he win??? Answer not a lot was it the mercantile credit classic rest my case.

Matt said...

One thing I would say is that there were a hell of a lot of kicks today, seemed like more than usual to me and I think that might just mean they fall short again this year. We'll see.

mathsisfun said...

Thanks Dave.

It would be really nice to know who and when the matches are to play.
I don't know when they will be able to fit the matches into the schedule. It would be risky playing it between sessions, as even with 6 reds on the table the frames could still take a long time (even more so with the suspect quality of play of 'legends' and up-and-coming stars).

Anonymous said...

yeah, dont listen to Willie cos he didnt win much

why not ask our great host here what he has won. i suppose we should not listen to him when he commentates on eurosport and at the championship league....along with the likes of mike smith

not that i am saying they are amazing, but what you won as a player means nothing WRT commentating on the games and many commentators have been so good because they are in touch with all around snooker. imho

Twister said...

I am sure the table is normal size

but the pockets do seem to be taking pots like club tables do which shouldn't be the case surley?.

alot of players have also had a happy surprised look on their faces quite a bit this week, when a pot has slid in over the edge of pockets.

I am not a fan as I think it dumbs down snooker