Class, pure class.

Stephen Hendry has just won his 1,000th frame at the Crucible with a 140 total clearance, equalling the highest break so far set on day one by Ronnie O'Sullivan.

To put this into context: only five players have even played 1,000 frames at the Crucible.


Anonymous said...


Who are the other 4?

Steve Davis
Ray Rearden?
Terry Griffiths?
Dennis Taylor?

Dave H said...

Steve Davis, Jimmy White, John Parrott and Ronnie O'Sullivan

Anonymous said...


Only 1 out of 4! O'Sullivan is a surprise.

celt147 said...

O'Sullivan is a surprise, surely Higgins is not too far behind.

Anywho, well done that man, especially doing it in that style!

Anonymous said...


Claus Christensen said...

What a win that was. And what an amazing record... 1000 frames won. Unbelievable.

MMMBop said...

How many of the 1000 frames have the other 4 players won?

Anonymous said...

"The boy's a genius2

Matt said...

Absolutely elated tonight, not just because Stephen won, or that he helped his ranking, but after the year he has had I began to seriously doubt whether he could produce the goods like that anymore.

As it was he played probably his best match at the Crucible in seven years and you could see just how much it meant to him. Legend.

Fair play to Ding too, mega impressed with his guts and resilience this week. I think he can take a lot of positives from this week.

Sparky said...

How short of 1.000 is J.H.?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gutted as a Ding fan but Hendry was vintage. Ding can be proud of that performance.

Anonymous said...

Come on Stephen! You can't tell me that he's not as great to watch as Ronnie. He seems really pumped up for it this year and I think he can do it.

Anonymous said...


ive never lost faith in him. never in over 24 years of following him (yes since he was just about to break through)

last seasons worlds, particularly the match v allen should have laeft you with enough faith


Matt said...

You are probably right, the thing last year though was that he came into the tournament with at least a little bit of form, having made the Welsh semi-final and at least lost some close matches against top opposition. He also looked fully focused and had the advantage of experience from the off.

This time against Williams in round one and with the season he had, I just feared that it might be too much even for him. To win that though and produce the snooker he did against Ding, fair play to him.

I'm delighted to be wrong on that one.

Anonymous said...

matt, youre almost as big a fan as me ;) so i am not looking for an arguement


as an aside, the main reason i have not lost faith in him is the amount of times over the last 2 seasons he has been beat by the eventual winner in a WS tournament (including masters). its been me on here who has went on about that and i think you replied to me at least once with some answer.

the answer is close to 50% of the time, is it not? and of them a few were deciders

now, years ago that wouldnt have happened, but if you compare that record to the 6 players either side of the prov rankings to him then he certainly has come as close as most to hitting form, if you expect him not to lose all the next round matches he would have been in

all ifs and buts, but all in all he hasnt done too bad and has been as close over the last 2 seasons as he was the year or two before imo to hitting his old form with his old cue

Anonymous said...

Having been a Hendry fan since I first saw him play in 1987, I was obviously over the moon at his emphatic win over Ding (and btw, congrats to Ding on his excellent play all week!).

Vintage indeed, pure class, pure form and tbh, for those who doubt how entertaining Hendry is to watch, go onto youtube and find the 1987 WC tournament where he lpays (I think) Joe Johnson...that's raw talent for you.

Anyways, I hope Hendry can make this win, and the one over his close friend Williams, count for bigger things. True greats only come along a few times, and if you're lucky, during your era. For me there is only one: Hendry.

And to still have this immense, intrinsic desire to prove you're still a great player...amazing. You'd think with a trophy cabinet as big as his he'd want to take it easy and enjoy and such. Not Hendry. In many things, Hendry is like Sampras, Woods, Schumacher. IMHO they simlpy want to keep having that feeling over exhilliration when they win.

Good on you and 'Orra best!