Some news on a few charity donations.

Firstly, World Snooker are supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust and have invited Jack Lisowski, a talented young player who has recently recovered from Hodgkins Lymphona, a form of cancer, to present the Junior Pot Black trophy at the Crucible on Thursday.

Fred Done, boss of tournament sponsors Betfred.com, will donate £147,000 to the BBC’s Sport Relief if any player makes a 147 break.

Meanwhile, Ali Carter, who has suffered from Crohn’s disease, is backing MedicAlert, which raises awareness of men’s health issues.

All of which is to be commended and shows that snooker’s high profile, particularly during these 17 days, can be used to good effect.


Anonymous said...

ok, i will comment seeing as nobody else seems interested

well done all !!

Anonymous said...

ill even leave a 2nd comment

amazing out of all the people who read this blog that the same person is replying two times on separate days to people doing or offering to do good things for the game, especially considering the amount who slag off the state of the game at any opportunity. disgraceful

again, well done all !!

Mei65 said...


Good to see Snooker supporting various charities.

One point on accuracy, Crohn's disease is incurable, Carter and anyone else who contracts it will always have it.
So the more support they have, the better their long term prospects will be.

Janie said...

Just as an add-on to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

During the Junior Festival last week they ran a sort of snooker sweepstake to raise more money.

I'[m not sure exactly how much they raised in the end but it ran into the £100s