The BBC has announced details of its coverage of the Betfred.com World Championship.

Hazel Irvine is missing from the team this year as she has just given birth (a baby girl, mother and daughter doing fine).

Presenting duties will thus fall to Ray Stubbs and Rishi Persad, joined as usual by Steve Davis (when he isn't playing) and John Parrott.

The commentators are Clive Everton, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor, John Virgo, Neal Foulds, Terry Griffiths and Ken Doherty.

Live action from both tables will be shown on the BBC website and red button for digital viewers.

One new addition this year is 'Snooker on the Red,' a nightly highlights programme on the red button at 6pm presented by MC Rob Walker.

Hopefully this will include interviews as this is the one thing missing from red button coverage.

The World Championship will also be shown extensively on Eurosport, who will show coverage of the second table on the online Eurosport Player.


Sergey said...

Oh, please God, not more Rob Walker on our screens.

Why not draft in someone else on the BBC pay-roll, like Sharon Davies, to add some glamour and show off a bit of flesh.

I'd even settle for Sue Barker.

Anon said...

Does anyone know if the new short form to snooker: "Super6s" would be shown at 6PM on the red button?

Sammy said...

Snooker on the Red at 6 p.m?
But there are still matches going on!

Sergey said...

I would also like to add; that I hope the Snooker coverage on Eurosport doesn't interfere with their live broadcasting of the Freestyle Skiing.

Anon said...

The skiing is more likely to interfere with the snooker, on Eurosport due to past experience.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see more Rob Walker than Davies or Barker any day - what have they got to do with snooker?

Less Rish Persad, I say.. And less of Doherty as a summariser, he's as dull as dishwater.

jamie brannon said...

Does anyone know why coverage on the opening day doesnt start until 4.30pm terrestrial wise?

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd show all the press conferences on the red button.

Anonymous said...

come on they need to dump Everton. No one has the guts to do it like they did in the Masters.

SupremeSnooker.com said...

I still can't believe the BBC have demoted Clive. As I've said before, snooker commentary works best when you have a journalist and ex-pro commentating alongside one another.

Havin two ex-pros together all too often results in a tendency to prattle and make lame attempts at humour.

Regarding this new Rob Walker red button programme, when I was at school, "on the red" was a euphamism for, well, work it out yourself.

As dodgy titles for TV programmes go, it's right up there with "Richard & Judy's New Position".

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with the above comment. There needs to be a balance in the commentary. Whoever is making these decisions at the BBC knows nothing about sports or snooker. It's appalling.

stuartfanning said...

Dave, can you confirm up to what round Clive Everton will be allowed to commentate this year.

Demon Potter said...

Clive Everton is still the best snooker commentator and he should figure most prominently of all the commentators/summarisers.

There seems to be an annoying trend in sport broadcasting these days to recruit former players to do the work of professional broadcasters, and more often than not it doesn't work. Take Match of the Day for example: Adrian Chiles is 10 times better at presenting it than Gary 'wooden' Lineker, and how Lineker gets to front the US Masters coverage is beyond me.

Cricket coverage is saturated by former England captains, most of whom are as boring as hell to listen to, while racing seems to be another sport where ex-jockeys are now streaming to the fore, such as Mick Fitzgerald, Richard Dunwoody and Norman Williamson. Okay, they may have an 'insider's view' of proceedings, but that doesn't make them a better listen than pro broadcasters.

Former players do have their place, there is no doubt about that, but there must be a balance between ex-sportsmen and professional broadcasters/journalists in sports coverage.

Anonymous said...

I accept your point but I couldn't disagree more with regards to cricket.
I am not interested in the views of Simon Mann on TMS but would rather hear what Atherton or Gooch has to say, as they know the game inside out.
In snooker however, there should be a balance between broadcaster and former player, as the ego's of a few snooker heavyweights clash when they are paired together and it all sounds so messy.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand clives commentary at all. been watching snooker for 25 years or more and he is dreadful.

many will disagree, many will agree (perhaps not balanced on this site though, considering....) but thats my opinion for what it is worth (the same as anyone elses)

Anonymous said...

I've been watching for over 25 years and in my opinion Everton is the best there's ever been.

Anonymous said...

The BBC should ditch Dennis Taylor. How many sexist comments will he come out with this year when a certain female referee is officiating.

If I want derogatory remarks I can always put on a Roy Chubby Brown DVD. Taylor's remarks is not what I pay my licence fee for.

Anonymous said...

Gary Linekar would make an excellent host for the Beeb's coverage. He's good mates with Willie Thorne; the charisma between those two would make for must see viewing.

Give those two a chance and we'd soon forget about Clive whatshisname.

wild said...

Will Eurosport Player show coverage from both tables?
Is there any commentary on Eurosport Player?


Dave H said...

Wild: as far as I'm aware Eurosport Player will show the table not being shown on the TV

Anonymous said...

Although I prefer the Eurosport commentators, my picture is better on the BBC and I imagine unless you have HD that's the same for everyone. Shame.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the first ball to be struck at Sheffield! Indeed, again I have all 17 days off work!

As I have said many times on this blog before I think Rishi Persad is a fantastic presenter, possibly only second to Hazel Irvine on the BBC. He puts the likes of Clare Balding and Gary Linekar in the shade. Wasn't Linekar terrible last night anchoring the BBC's overage of the Masters? I for one am grateful he isn't at the helm of the BBC's snooker coverage.

I do think the Eurosport commentary team are very good, I especially like Joe Johnson. Dominic Dale was always good when he was on Eurosport.

As for the BBC commentary team, I have always been a fan of Clive Everton.


Dave H said...

The Eurosport commentary team will be Mike Smith, Phil Yates, Joe Johnson, Mike Hallett, Dominic Dale and, er, me!

Anonymous said...

Ray Stubbs is a far better presenter than anything else the BBC have except Linekar. I think they keep Linekar for their flagship sports of football and golf.

I wonder if the Beeb will try and dress up this year's coverage with more mumbo jumbo psuedo science. Remember the graphologist? Maybe this year we'll have reflexology? After all, the players spend a lot of time on their feet.

Sergey said...

There's a valid argument to be made for Linekar fronting the BBC coverage. His friendship and camaraderie with Willie Thorne would make for good viewing.

I also know that both Alan Hanson and Lee Dixon are fairly handy with cue's in their hands, as is Lee Bowyer and John Hartson (both century break men).

c said...

Thank heavens for Eurosport player. If it's anything like last year you can toggle between the two tables, regardless of the tv coverage. It's the best thing you could have ever hoped for and it's so very, very cheap.

Anonymous said...


10 out of 10 for the Eurosport commentary team at Sheffield. Great to hear Dominic Dale will be part of the team and Phil Yates, too.

One of my favourite ommentator's was the twice former European Open finalist Mark Johnston-Allen. He disappeared for a few years and then 'out of the blue' compered at last years World Championship and Northern Ireland Trophy and again, has gone into hiding! Do you have any news on Mark? I've heard recently that he is back living in Bristol. This could be a good feature for Snooker Scene - where are they now?

On about the Northern Ireland Trophy, I read with interest that it is to be dropped from the calendar next season. Does this mean the number of tournaments is to be reduced? I can't understand why following the success of the event in November 2007 and great performances by Fergal O'Brien and Mark Allen that they moved the event for 2008 bak in the already proven unsuccessful August slot.


Anonymous said...

Why everybody are talking about "Linekar"?
Do you mean Gary Lineker?

Dave H said...

Ryan - Mark's not working in snooker any more, which is a shame because he was one of the nicest people on the circuit

The NIT received a subsidy from what is basically the Northern Ireland tourist board but this has been withdrawn and World Snooker, in these tough economic times, don't want to stump up all the money themselves

Anonymous said...

did mark not make an appearance at snooker recently (having been away for a good while)?

used to talk to him and his dad for long times at venues :)

Anonymous said...

i find joe johnson and mike hallet get it wrong much more often than most.

my apologies is mikes favourite phrase

constructive critisism would be for me to plead with them to comment as they see the match and not to pre-empt as much as the top class commentators as they regularly make howlers.

they were very good pros, but that doesnt make a good commentator on its own

mike smith and dave hendon are good and phil is too. dom can be a bit "way out there" but he knows the playes currently playing more than mike h and joe j and does make more regular calls on shot selection before they take place. his is more balanced too when the players balls up. i find joe and mike find fault in the difficult shot (and yes i am a very good player myself so know what is difficult [though obviously could just say that])

Anonymous said...

More evidence of brackets inside brackets at the end of the last posting.
This is becoming a trend.
Will someone go for the triple bracket sentence during the World Champs I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the NIT bites the dust WS could introduce their first 6 red event?

It's a shame when an event has to be discontinued but it's possible demise can pave the way to a bright new future for the shorter version of the game.

Sergey said...

Sad news today for the pro-celebrity snooker circuit with the sad passing of Lennie Bennett.

Lennie was a regular at the Blackpool qualifying tournaments and both he and Roy Chubby Brown could often be found in Q's Snooker Club.

Anonymous said...

Maybe to spark some interest back into our wonderful sport we could introduce a retro dress round.

Just think how much media and viewer interest there would be if say Stephen Hendry came out wearing a Kirk Stevens style white suit.

Maybe if the 'white' round is too much then perhaps the players could pick a colour in support of a chosen charity. The obvious one is pink for breast cancer research, which has been very successful in cricket, football and golf at attracting interest and getting spectators involved.

Simple enough to get the players to wear pink shirts. If they haven't got one then I'm sure Terry Griffiths would lend one of his old red shirts to put in the washing with whites.

Sergey said...

What a spiffing idea, Anon, although, wouldn't green be a sort of camouflage.

For those watching in black and white, they could be mistaken for thinking that they were playing in blue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
More evidence of brackets inside brackets at the end of the last posting.
This is becoming a trend.
Will someone go for the triple bracket sentence during the World Champs I wonder?

8:36 PM


can you not think of something to say about the blog (instead of having a go at how people construct their sentences [especially as a lot of people on here may not use english as their first language])?

bit personal if you ask me. this isnt an english lesson.

thank you to Dave Hendon for removing the last posters comment that had a go at my grammar.