Stephen Maguire's management agency 110sport has issued the following statement:

Further to press statements concerning alleged unusual betting patterns between Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett at this season's UK Championship, we can confirm that Stephen Maguire is to meet with police officers in the near future.

It is regrettable this matter raises it's ugly head on the eve of snooker's biggest event, the World Championship in Sheffield.

It is ludicrous to suggest that Stephen Maguire, the world No 2, would in any way be involved in alleged unusual betting activity.

At this stage there will be no further comment on the matter and we would ask the press to allow Stephen Maguire to concentrate on preparing for the World Championship.

However, 110sport lawyers will be examining the reasons why this investigation has taken four months and why it has been made public on the eve of the World Championship.

My thoughts: how long do 110sport think the investigation should take and who are they to determine how long it should last?

The police have only just been brought in. It was made public presumably because journalists found out about it - as happens in many cases.


Anonymous said...

Isn't 110sport's press officer also the snooker writer for the Daily Record

And isn't Maguire's manager also a WPBSA board member

No conflicts of interest here then!

Claus Christenen said...

If one was to pick a suspect among those two, surely Burnett is the obvious choice. Maguire is not a complete idiot (the shock would be equal if Ebdon was guilty in his case).
I just hope they will settle this matter quickly so this thing can finally be permanently laid to rest.
With regard to betting companies I believe it's their right to be up in arms if they see heavy betting on one, and only one, particular result.

Anonymous said...

If a journalist wrote that - Neil Goulding was it - then surely he must know the difference between "its" and "it's". Schoolboy error!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts:
Since the burden of proof in a criminal investigation is very high indeed, it is not surprising that the investigation has taken so long - you wouldnt want to go ahead on the basis of rumours, anecdotes and speculation would you? Collating hard facts, witness statements etc takes a long time. And as for the timing? I don't think the police need be concerned about when they conclude their investigations to make sure it doesnt clash with a sporting event

Anonymous said...

The Police haven't concluded their investigation, they have only just started!

Greg said...

I don't want to agree with Maguire but he's right, it's ridiculous that it's still going on six months later. How long does it take to watch a few tapes and ask a few questions?

This should have been settled long before now.

Anonymous said...

"However, 110sport lawyers will be examining the reasons why this investigation has taken four months and why it has been made public on the eve of the World Championship"

As ever, 110 sport talking a good game ...

Anonymous said...

you dont want them to talk a crap one do you?