Ronnie's struggling.

A 140 total clearance in the second frame.

It's like he's never been away.


Anonymous said...

Come on Stuart!

jamie brannon said...

Yeah he looked good, but he will be regretting that missed black. I dont know if anyone agrees but perhaps Bingham could be showing him too much respect as they are good friends as well as practice partners. If Ronnie doesnt lose the opening two he should cruise through tonight.

Anonymous said...

Bingham missed the boat.

Ronnie was rubbish for most of the match with exception of two frames.

If he was playing a top player hed be 6-3 down just now, so i bet hes glad he wasnt

Susan All the Way said...

http://147heaven.blogspot.com/ Great stuff from ronnie on here

Anon said...

Session 1 of the match:

Claus Christensen said...

I can't believe he missed the black.. What a day this would have been with a maximum. Hendry too had the chance.. oh my. It starts off well.

Anonymous said...

it would have been one of the easiest 147s and he bottled it. oh well