5) SHAUN MURPHY 13, MATTHEW STEVENS 12 (Quarter-finals, 2007)

For all Jimmy White’s many achievements, people always tend to bring up his six world final defeats when they mention him. Matthew Stevens, a fine player and winner of two of the game’s top three titles, is unfortunately destined to be similarly remembered for his nearlyman status.

By 2007, he had lost two world finals from winning positions and three close semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, he needed to beat Murphy to remain in the top 16. Leading 12-7 surely nothing could go wrong?

What followed was a slow burning drama as thrilling as any the Crucible has had to offer.

As Murphy, surely himself believing his challenge had ended, started to swing his cue at the balls the mental scars of earlier close defeats re-opened in Stevens’s mind.

He missed his chance to win 13-7, sat out a couple of big breaks from Murphy, lost another close frame and, all of a sudden, it was 12-11.

A grimly scrappy frame followed and it became clear that Stevens could not win. He lost it and failed to pot a ball in the decider.

Stevens was thus relegated from the top 16. He hasn’t qualified this year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Objectors (The © Fine Art Method) and Mr hey you.

Thanks lads for the plugs! When I don’t get a reaction I MAY stop. The so called rubbish I am exposing should have been written years ago by Clive the “The Voice of Snooker”, plus the many snooker pundits enjoying the thrill of seeing there name in print.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hey You,

I'm not usually one to comment here on SS Blog, however, I find that every rule has its exceptions.

Regardless of your reasons for making/creating/writing/inventing your alternative snooker coaching book/approach I find the place of your advertisement silly to say the least.

This blog merely serves to discuss whatever Dave posts and to exchange ideas and thoughts about snooker as a sport. Its intention is not, unless I'm seriously mistaken, to promote your "Fine Art Method".

Aside from the above I do wonder how your method could be taken seriously considering the first page on your site is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. In fact, I found it truly hard reading. Perhaps this is indeed what you tried to do, however, it does not provide a convincing picture of the fact that you know what you're talking about AND, more importantly, HOW to present it.


Anonymous said...

In addition to the above, I fail to see the point of the "add" in this thread to begin with!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, back to the match in question. I remember Murphy giving himself some encouragement (fist pumps and "come on"s) when he made it to the final interval at 12-8. He clearly believed he could still win and the look on Stevens face suggested he knew he still wasn't over the line.

The last 4 frames were absolutely fascinating. As Dave said it became clear that Stevens could not win. He was missing easy balls all over the place. After playing some sublime stuff to get to 12-7 he bottled it big time. Painful to watch but absolutely fascinating viewing.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant match. I'm really hoping Murphy can rediscover his best form as he's a great player and very good as an ambassador for the game. Ronnie needs stiff competition from players who will challenge him consistently and I think that's what has been missing from snooker for the last couple of years.

Claus Christensen said...

Poor Matthew.... I really hopes he finds form again.

And again we saw the Fine Art Of Spamming..

Marlon said...

I was stunned. You just had to admire Murphy's absolute self belief in himself even though it was a real shame to see Stevens exit the top 16 as a result.

Roll on this year!

And who on earth is Mr. Fine Art method man? Why are you posting on here? And please don't take the lord Clive's name in vain.