I woke up a short time ago to hear the words 'and the World Snooker Championship gets underway today at the Crucible' on the BBC's Breakfast programme.

Great, I thought! A preview of the big event is coming up.

Instead we were treated to a few minutes of free publicity for World Snooker's 'Hotshot's' scheme - a meaningless PR campaign that will very probably be discontinued at the end of the season.

'World Snooker are taking giant strides to get youngsters involved,' said the unquestioning BBC reporter.

How does the Hotshots do that exactly? It wasn't actually explained.

I really can't wait for the action to start so we can concentrate on what's important and what people are actually interested in.

It's called snooker.


Anonymous said...

It's started!

Who's the patronising idiot that commentates next to Joe Johnson? Is he the Forrest Gump of the snooker mikesmiths?

RichP said...

I hate how Mike Smith rolls his words so three becomes thlreee, very annoying commentator and easily the least knowledgeable when it comes to the actual match-play itself.

oneball said...

I saw the feature too. I don't like that reporter but I liked the quote from the newsreader guy who said he always thinks he won't watch the snooker but finds himself still watching an hour later whenever it's on.

Did you not hear Sir Rodders on the Today Programme (Radio 4) this morning Dave? I was a bit bleary eyed when it was on so didn't take it all in but at the end he mentioned an announcement about the future of the Worlds during the tournament.

Surely this will mean more Crucible action? I hope so because the thought of next year being the last time these sacred last two weeks in April means what it does is very very frightening!

Dave H said...

No I didn't hear Sir Rodney but the World Championship will remain at the Crucible for sure

Don't worry!

Anonymous said...

if barry hearn offered them "£10Million over 4 years" to sponsor it after the betfred deal is complete and stipulated that it swaps back and forward between china and sheffield then i think that would happen FOR SURE

im still not worried though

Claus Christensen said...

It may not be clever to bet on China being the future of the game. Asian interest can fade just as quickly. Or snooker could become the new badminton.