World Snooker are held in low esteem generally by the media and the governing body's reputation has fallen even lower by its failure to install any phones in the press room at the Crucible.

These phones have been ordered by journalists whose newspapers have to pay for them. They should have been installed last week before the event began. It is now day five and there's no sign of them.

Would this happen at Wimbledon? Would it happen at the Open Golf Championship?

Do World Snooker wonder why they get such a bad press?


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Hi Dave,

I thought the lines were already installed in the press room in Sheffield?

Or has the press room been moved this year?

Worse than Newport last season?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, the WSA are a bunch of idiots although thats putting it mildly. However, I think there is an element of "Temper Tantrum" here.

The 1st poster says it all in 1 word.... Mobiles.

How many people have, or are considering having their landlines removed from their homes as it has become almost redundant.

Concentrate on more important thing guys. You are just sounding petulant with this rubbish.

Tony Banbury

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There speak people who have no experience of press facilities.

Take Hampden Park, sponsored by BT - where mobiles DON'T work!

Most sporting facilities do have free wireless connections.

But given that world snooker don't know how to have basic landlines installed, I doubt very much if anyone understands broadband or wi-fi ...


Dave H said...

Missing the point going on about mobiles

The point is, these phones have been ordered by national newspapers

It certainly isn't 'rubbish' to them

Anonymous said...

David is right …

This is down to basic incompetence on behalf of world snooker.

In the past, people have ordered ISDN lines (for broadcasting) only to find an ordinary land-line installed.

But catering for the press and media are so far down their list of priorities (probably because they see them as troublemakers and nothing more) that getting your little pass should be enough to make you eternally grateful to that ‘world’ sporting body.

A couple of days of not using the sponsors name might focus their attentions properly …


Anonymous said...

its good to talk

Dave H said...

And as if by magic they've now been installed

Cue much celebration from the hacks!

Anonymous said...

Someone on-high must read this blog ...