Graeme Dott's participation in the Royal London Watches Grand Prix hangs in the balance.

The Daily Record reports that doctors have advised a six-eight week lay off after Dott broke his left wrist playing football in Shanghai. He is currently wearing a plaster cast.

Dott still has not been told whether he will receive his 700 first round losers points for the Shanghai Masters. Obviously, if he doesn't get them for that event he won't get them for the Grand Prix either.

If this uncertainty continues, my advice to Graeme is simple: go to Glasgow, break off and then concede.

Although this would look farcical, he would have been deemed to have played in the tournament and then withdrawn.


Jonathan said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Quinten Hann get his prize money (if not his ranking points) when failing to show up against Gerard Greene a few years back, during the period of his match rigging allegations? And he wasn't ill, he just couldnt be bothered to show up. Dott has a genuine injury and should do as you say - this happens in golf all the time. Players hit their first tee shot and withdraw immediately, but there must be a better way of ensuring Dott gets his just reward.

Anonymous said...

A decision has to be made by WPBSA regarding Dott's type of injury.
Under the current rules he'll have to turn up and play one shot before conceding the match-or if he is playing Murphy just forget his chalk:)
It's very sad what has happened to Dott and I hope his luck changes for the better soon.

Anonymous said...

Surely the precedent has to be Mark Williams' injury a couple of years ago, ironically during the Grand Prix.

It was very similar to Dott's predicament, so if the WPBSA are consistent, then Graeme will get his points for Shanghai.

I hope so for his sake - Graeme's had more than enough kicks in the teeth in recent times.

With regards to the Grand Prix, even if he doesn't make it to the venue, I still think he should get the points as his injury is a genuine one.

I know Mike Hallet on Eurosport was questioning why Dott was playing football, and he has a point, but it's inconceivable that Dott was thinking about the possibilities of being injured.

Sam T

Anonymous said...

Hallet should really be asking then why ALL the players were playing football. Go to the WS website and see the pictures. It's not fair to single out one player just because he got injured. It could have happened to any one of them.