The king of snooker has been dethroned by the boy prince.

Judd Trump's 5-4 victory over Ronnie O'Sullivan was gripping stuff and the 19 year-old should be congratulated.

I understand BBC2 ended its coverage midway through the deciding frame (although it was on the red button) to go to a programme about homes.

What a shame for those who couldn't see the end. It was great entertainment and, in Trump, a star is born.

It does strike me as rather ironic, however, that this obvious choice for the new World Snooker 'Hotshots' programme is doing so well while most of those actually chosen are struggling.

You can do all the magazine interviews and PR you want. Ultimately, only performances on the big stage count for anything and this was one of which young Trump can be very proud.


Anonymous said...

Eurosport did finish the job...

Anonymous said...

It was a good performance, but it'll be a one-off unless he improves.

At the risk of opening myself to ridicule (as Trump is a promising player for the future), you can't expect to win matches regularly with a high break of 51, a pot success rate in the 80% bracket, poor cue ball control and he needed 9 chances in the last frame to win the match.

It's also fair to say that Ronnie was nowhere near his best today. However, you can only beat what is put out in front of you, and Trump did the business in the end.

It reminded me a bit of Mark Williams in the Grand Prix back in 1996 to be honest. He didn't look a top player at all that year in my view, but Trump has very similiar characteristics, particularly his excellent long potting ability and, like Williams, is a leftie. And as it happened, Williams went on to be one of the best players of his era, even though the pundits said his triumph would be a one-off too.

Dave H said...

It's true Eurosport delayed the very popular Eurogoals to stay with the snooker to the end.

I think Trump will grow in confidence the more top players he beats. Whatever happens now this week he's looking good for a top 32 place and I personally think he'll be around at the top level for many years to come.

kimball said...

it took some time coming, but he nearly blew Murphy out of the water in Sheffield two years ago.
Won't be anything wrong with the breakbuilding and the boost of those victories is massiv.
England,s new "Jimmy White" I hope!

Anonymous said...

He has been hailed as the future for a couple of years so it's nice to see him finally make a semi final.
His shot selection isn't always the best but most 19 year olds think they can get everything so why shouldn't he.
The tv experience will obviously help him get used to the big stage conditions so it'll be interesting to see how his game develops.
If he gets hot over the weekend he's a good tip for the title.

Anonymous said...

I was at the match supporting Judd. It was not a great standard by either, but considering it was a milestone for Judd he held his nerve fairly well. Go on Judd!

kimball said...

Yes Dave, why were not Trump and,say,Li Hang choosen?

Anonymous said...

the hotshots scheme like YPD which preceeded it is a ludicrous concept in favouring some players above others. It is disgraceful that a governing body that is supposed to treat all players equally should give some preferential treatment over others when they have not earned it in any way from a level playing field. No doubt Judds face did not fit as well as some, so he misses out on much publicity (which can lead to earning potential). I am surprised other players who have been overlooked are not complaining and threatening world snooker with legal action over this.

Dave H said...

World Snooker say they asked Judd to be part of the Hotshots campaign and he turned it down

MJ said...

Some of the choices for the Hot Shots campaign are somewhat baffling.

Jamie Cope, for instance, is a great player, but his personality only vindicates those who come out with the tired old "There are no characters in the game, these days" line.