The Shanghai Masters has been an absorbing event which once again proves the huge interest in snooker in China.

Crowds have been large and enthusiastic, the snooker has been high quality and the plush Grand Stage arena has come across well on the television, giving the tournament an air of class.

This is due to the organisation of the local promoters and World Snooker who have brought the event together after several months of hard work.

In China, there are a lot of people to keep happy - sponsors, dignitaries, players, spectators, a huge media turnout and the broadcasters. This is far from simple but the Shanghai Masters should be regarded as a success.

The day before it began there was a red carpet parade in which the players were treated like film stars.

This was something of a culture shock for the lads, who often walk around UK snooker venues without receiving a second look.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has produced some excellent snooker and is a huge favourite to win his third ranking title in succession.

But Ricky Walden has already beaten Stephen Hendry, Neil Robertson, Steve Davis and Mark Selby and should go out and enjoy today's final.

Win or lose, he will always remember his week in Shanghai.


Jonathan said...

Notwithstanding O'Sullivan's impressive display in China, his behaviour has been of its usual petulant nature. Obscene gestures, expletives and petty complaints about the referee are all made in the knowledge that he will go unpunished by the authorities. As much as I admire his skill, I do feel he knowingly exploits his status in order to gain preferential treatment from World Snooker and the media alike. I cannot image the former would tolerate such behaviour from anyone else. This has been the only negative point to a really well run and thoroughly enjoyabletournament

Black_cat from TSF said...

Jonathan, RO'S was warned when he swore; warned about three times, if I remember correctly, and it was done by the book. And how would a "petty complaint" be punished by authorities? Inelegant? Maybe. Tactless? Possibly. But to punish a player because he chose toask politely that the ref should move out of his way?

Ronnie has behaved very well in China so far. Perhaps this has disappointed some people, who expected something more scandalous.

Jonathan said...

Mr Black Cat

I understand your opinion, but he is the only player to be warned this week for swearing and obscene gestures to the best of my knowledge. All anybody would expect is for him to behave well - every other snooker player has managed it, so why single him out for praise becuase he has managed to do what everyone else has done? As great as he undoubtedly is, I just think he takes liberties because he knows they will go unpunished. He has tried to intimidate the referee in the final the same way he did in the match against Perry - it worked as the referee was too scared to call a miss when Ronnie was in a tricky snooker and made no legitimate attempt to get out of it.

I'm not saying he should be punished, I just think he should behave the same way as everybody else