There's more to snooker than the professional circuit so well done to Liam Highfield, 17, who recently made a 147 break in the first EASB English Premier Tour event of the season.

Liam is pictured here receiving a certificate from the EASB's John Hartley.

We're used to big breaks flying in during pro tournaments but it's worth noting the many talented teenagers in the junior ranks.

Judd Trump was one who played in loads and loads of junior events when he was a kid and so was used to being a winner before he even turned pro.

Respect should go to Malcolm Thorne, who has been running junior tournaments for the best part of 25 years.

It's people like him who provide a base from which young players can go on to become household names.


Anonymous said...

John Hartley could at least smile.

Anonymous said...

...and do up his top button on his shirt and straighten his glasses.

MattWilson said...

And also big respect to John who works tirelessly (smartly dressed or not) for the EASB in directing all tournaments in the calender.

Anonymous said...

keep up the hard work Malcolm Thorne and John Hartley

CJW said...

First two comments aren't mine - but could have been! ;)

Well done, Liam! And yes, well done Malcolm and John!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pat on the back.

But after 25 years the Under 17 as it is now will finish.

I can not attract the players anymore despite the events pedigree.

Trump, Walden, Cope, Maguire, Selby, Ford, Day, Hawkins,Gilbert, Hunter,Stevens and O'Sullivan.

Moving to Under 21's next year.

Malc thorne