Mark Selby will begin the defence of his Masters title against Mark King or a wildcard pick.

The tournament runs from January 11-18 at Wembley Arena.

Ronnie O'Sullivan faces Joe Perry in his first match while the tie of the round looks like Shaun Murphy v Ding Junhui.

You can view the draw here.


Matt@PSB said...

Joe Perry must be getting REALLY sick of facing O'Sullivan this season. Paired with him in the last 16 for the UK's as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Joe said as much when interviewed prior to the GP. He complained about having faced Ronnie that early twice already this season and was hoping for things to be different with a random draw.
Seems he was granted that (at least), but at the Masters it's definitely back to the usual. Not fair, really.

Anonymous said...

Hendry against Robertson looks tasty if the Two of them can find some form.Higgins v Fu also looks intresting

Anonymous said...

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