Never let anyone tell you that snooker isn't exciting.

And if they do, show them a tape of Ryan Day v Mark Selby from the Royal London Watches Grand Prix last night.

Day missed a red with a chance to lead 4-0 and it looked like it might be a massive turning point.
At 4-3, he had a chance to force a re-spot but missed the pink. But at 4-4, he superbly cleared with 55 to the black after Selby missed matchball red.

Why on earth did Mark play it at pace, disturbing reds on the top cushion when he didn't need to?

Whatever the reason, it contributed to a pulsating encounter and proved that you don't need big breaks every frame to produce great entertainment.


Monique said...

What a thriller!
Ryan has often been criticised for not being able to conclude when it mattered ... well! This time he did hold him self together and how!
Superb clearance under extreme pressure that was.

Meanwhile Ronnie is running further ahead of the chasing pack in the rankings whatever happens from now on in the GP.

Anonymous said...

Well done Ryan!

(No need for me to mention ROS in this section [other than to say i do not need to mention him]) :)

Monique said...

I mentioned it just because Selby was the latest of the more or less direct "chasers" still in the race and honestly I was expecting him to go the distance in this tournament.

JIMO96 said...

Ryan would be a worthy winner of this event, considering the draw he's had: Walden & Selby, 2 of the sharpest players this season, and now the ever dangerous Cope.

With Selby not entering the Bahrain event, Day effectively goes 3rd in the provisional rankings; Carter will go 5th above Murphy if he knocks out Davis, and a further win will put him 4th above Selby.

Anonymous said...


I just seen it as a chance to mention ROS when the point in question wasnt about him (even though a connection could be made if wanted)

Again, well done Ryan. Mark will be kicking himself today still.

Monique said...

Anonymous ;)

Yes Mark will more certainly be kicking himself! Why he played that red the way he did is beyond me. If anyone has some rational explanation, it will be welcome!

Anonymous said...

I was told he said in interview that he does not know why he played to be on a colour.