The Sun newspaper reports that Shaun Murphy and his wife Clare have separated.

Shaun's private life is his own business but the upheaval goes some way to explaining his poor form this season.

Read the story here.


stuartfanning said...

Murphy's demeanor after winning the World Championship and the syprupy way his romance and wedding were handled particularly by the BBC, with the couples collusion, turned my stomach. It all seemed to good to be true.

CJW said...

It's a sad thing when a marriage falls apart and it's bad taste to use this fact (or rumour) for some more Murphy bashing especially as we don't seem to have a clue as to what is really happening.

I would have let this one pass without mentioning it, Dave. Maybe we should just concentrate on the snooker at the end of the day.

Dave H said...

Who is bashing Shaun? Certainly not me.

I had previously speculated as to why he made such a poor start to the season. This story provides a likely reason.

This blog has more readers than ever but not as many as The Sun, who broke the story I was commenting on.

CJW said...

No, Dave, I didn’t mean you. I meant those who would take the faintest opportunity to do that kind of bashing. Plenty of those I’m afraid. I am no Murphy fan and I know he’s probably lacking in the charisma department, but he is a good player and deserves more respect than he gets.

I still think that private life should be seen as private no matter what the Sun or other such newspapers chose to publish. ;)

On the other hand, yes, I see what you mean: his current performance is not a true reflection on his capability. Who knows if his family problems have anything to do with that?...