Interesting piece on Stephen Hendry in The Guardian.

The conclusion that Hendry never played Ronnie O'Sullivan when they were both at their best is obviously wrong but it's a good tribute to a great champion nonetheless.


Matt@PSB said...

Spotted this a bit ago myself, nice piece yeah.

Is that conclusion really wrong by the way? To me Hendry at his very, very best was in the early to mid-90's and you said yourself the other day that ROS was at his best in 2000/1. As brilliant as Hendry still was then, I don't think he was quite as good as he was.

Matt@PSB said...

Then again I guess you have the 2002 World Championship semi when both were stunning...

Anonymous said...

what about the 1999 semi-final and the 2002 semi-final - and that WASN'T Hendry at his best best!

Matt@PSB said...

That is true, I guess I interpreted the sentence in the article differently because in terms of when both were generally at their best, they were at different times. But they have met each other and both played brilliantly as well so it depends how you look at it.

Dave H said...

I see your point, Matt

Hendry went off the boil between 1997-99 but then had a revival

O'Sullivan was just getting to his best then

Anonymous said...

Interesting article and hitting reality well. Hendry is the greatest player and at peak could consistently produce his best form.
Many, many player have over the years been capable of potting a long red and winning the frame in one go. Hendry stands out as the player who could produce the highest standard week in and week out consistently and consistency wins titles and prooves who is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

I have closely followed Hendrys career since he was a boy. I'd say he was at his peak 94-96.

Anonymous said...

Hendry was more consistently brilliant in the period 94-96 but I think his wins over O'Sullivan in 99 and 02 when he was slightly past his peak were his Two greatest performances.
This article is right he is underrated.He is one of the greatest sportsmen that there has ever been.
Even if he never wins another match his legacy is secure.He invented the open,attacking snooker that is so common today.Nobody will ever dominate the game again to the extent that he did.He is the greatest player who has ever lived.
We will never see his like again

Anonymous said...


I much agree with most of what's already been said about Hendry. Like someone said as well...I've been a huge fan of Hendry's since I first saw him in 1986 or 1987 (cannot remember haha).

I well remember a clash between ROS and Hendry in the world champs way back. After his quarter final ROS said he'd crunch (not a literal quote mind you) Hendry. I stil remember watching that interview and thinking to myself...don't ask for what you cannot handle (back then).

The result: an awesome semi-final in which Hendry showed his battling and breakbuilding qualities, proving to me once more he truly is the greatest snookerplayer ever (to date).

No doubt ROS is a true genius but unlike Davis and Hendry his form is prone to dips. Since his highs are really high, unfortunately so are his lows. What I would give to see a match between Hendry and ROS again, both at their brilliant best.

My word that'd be worth paying a great deal of money for ;)