Mark Selby is my main tip to win the Royal London Watches Grand Prix for the reasons I give in my latest preview for Betfair.

Put it this way: if he doesn't win this week he will surely lift some silverware this season.

Michael Holt is my outsider to follow. I wasn't surprised he beat Mark Allen. Holt seems much more sure of himself this season and is not allowing frustration to get to him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

Michael Holt will never make it,
the frustration and the snakes of
nerves will get at him.

Let,s give Fu a chance to defend his title against "The Rocket"
in the final.
His game were surely ok. yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Good pick, Dave. Selby was off to a great start tonight against Higginson with three centuries on his way to a 5:0 win...

cheers, Eric

Sammy said...

Come on Holty!
Finally a bit of respect for my favourite player!