No decision has yet been made as to whether Graeme Dott will receive his losers' points from the Shanghai Masters and so the list will be issued with him down in 50th place.

If he does get them he will be 42nd.

Two years ago, Mark Williams withdrew from the Royal London Watches Grand Prix in Aberdeen after playing two round robin matches citing an injury from an incident in the gym.

This seems to me to be the precedent that will ensure Dott gets his 700 points.


Ste said...

I know its nothing to do with this, but do you know if the BBC plan to show both tables from the Grand Prix on Interactive?

If not, do you know if Parrott's match against Mark King will be shown?

JIMO96 said...

Didn't Quinten Hann get all of his points for several tournaments after jumping out of a plane? I'm sure whatever injury he picked up cost him his place in most events that season, but he still got all his points.

The ranking system is a shambles anyway. If you project the players points to include minimum figures for the remainder of the season, Dott's only about 38th, and therefore a few first round wins away from a top 32 place. It's not as big a disaster as you'd think.

Alex0paul said...

WSA's updated list only has him having 700 points for the season (although they only have 3200 points for Maguire)