World Snooker has written to the players informing them that the Malta Cup will not be on as a ranking event this season.

“We remain in discussions about a possible invitation event at the end of January 2009 and as soon as there is any more information on this we will inform you,” the letter says.

Whether the invitation event is on or not – and let’s hope it is because the more tournaments the better – very few people have tried harder for snooker over the years than Richard Balani and Joe Zammit, the Maltese promoters, who this week are staging 9-ball pool’s Mosconi Cup in conjunction with Matchroom.


Anonymous said...

The next letter will be to say "we're in discussions with an as yet unknown promoter who might like to put on an event sometime in 2009, somewhere.

"As soon as we firm up the speculation we may be back in contact with you."

You are right about the Maltese lads. But I wonder sometimes why the keep trying to work with the clowns at world snooker who have treated them terribly over the years.

Anonymous said...

if bahrain was a success i think this would have went ahead, WS pulling out all the stops to make it so. since bahrain was an a bit of a disaster the rumour mill of this not taking place (at least as a ranker) has been alight. sad day. malta is lovely,but stick to europe around germany for enthusiasm etc.

Anonymous said...

certainly do like their snooker there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a silly question, but when is the Malta-Cup? I couldn't find a date.