Here's Ronnie O'Sullivan, pictured shortly after learning I am tipping him to win the Maplin UK Championship.


Anonymous said...

I can't see beyond O'Sullivan for this either, especially if he takes that mindset which we witnessed in the 'inside sport' interview along with him. He seems to do well at Telford so the environment must be ok for him. It's just that stingy price that puts me off. Might have to keep my money in my pocket.

Anonymous said...

Well he has been worse ...


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! No, Mr. Hendon, no you didn't! :)
But one of your tips worked out quite ok as of late so there's still hope. Glimmer of it.:)
Will try and find which one it was.

Anonymous said...

I had already tipped Mark Williams for the title and suspected Ronnie would lose before Quartr-finals this time. Thanks for your early confirmation this time Dave!
Good luck Ronnie.
John H

Dave H said...

I've not done badly really

I said don't back Ronnie for Belfast, which turned out to be bad advice

But I tipped Higgins for the GP and Walden as the outsider to back in Shanghai

Anonymous said...

Fancy Judd Trump to make at least the quarters here, would be amazing if he could go all the way and really announce himself. Though I suspect that Ricky Walden won't be thinking that.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Dave, you had been asking who was the person to stop Ronnie this year? Now we know, it'll just take you backing him! Dave H beats Ronnie, now there's a headline!!

Baby Jenx

Anonymous said...

Look out for Matthew Stevens. He's traditionally been a real danger in the long-match events, and although he's struggled for the last few years, he seems to be coming back to form.

Also think this tournament could see the re-emergence of Ken Doherty, although probably not going all the way.

As for O'Sullivan, while he's always the obvious favourite these days and a perfectly reasonable tip, I can't understand why people say things like "can't see beyond O'Sullivan".

He's only won three ranking events in the last three and a half years. Which is a good achievemnt by all means, but hardly suggests he's some sort of invincible force.

Anyway, my main hope for this year's UK is that the BBC and World Snooker don't ruin it too much. But I suspect that hope will go unfulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stevens is a big danger in longer events

That's why he's won, er, one of them!

Anonymous said...

"He's only won three ranking events in the last three and a half years"

Yes that's a way of looking at it ... another is that he has won three out of 7 he has entered in the last year, includin UK and WC, and made it to the final in two others...

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I can't see beyond O'Sullivan is, apart from what Monique has pointed out, he also 'seems' to be getting his life sorted away from the table. His dad is coming out of prison, his relationship issues don't seem to be as problematic, he's loving his running - and if all else fails he goes running, and most of all he looked very contented in that interview. All of that going on his keeping him occupied which I think has been his downfall as he gets bored easily. There's a lot happening so I think we'll see a motivated O'Sullivan at Telford. The tournament should be very high profile because of its timeslot - i'm not sure we've ever had a tournament so close to Christmas but it certainly works for darts. So I expect Dave H will be celebrating another successful pick heading into the Christmas period.

Anonymous said...

if he stays in it hes got as good a chance as any

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! that's one of mine!!!
sorry Ronnie!
Since I learned he has GSC bookmarked on his laptop I will have SMILING pics of him in future!

However GSC will be live at Telford to see who wins the week's gurning contest - Joint favourties are Steve Davis and Michael Holt!!

Anonymous said...


Please could you call the Racing Post and offer them your services instead of Adrian Humpries. Have no idea who he will pick tomorrow, just have to wait to make sure I do something different.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Seeing as you like to plug the betfair website, are they interested in sponsoring your blogsite, as they must get an awful lot of traffic when you link them every tournament?

I too fancy a follow up to his 2003 success. Yup, its Matthew Stevens.

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Interesting question Dave- How many times has Ronnie succesfully defended a ranking title?
John H

Anonymous said...

"Yes, Stevens is a big danger in longer events.

That's why he's won, er, one of them!"

Stevens' record in the long match events is...

97 - UK semi final
98 - UK final
99 - UK final
00 - World final
01 - World semi final
02 - World semi final
03 - UK champion
04 - World semi final
05 - World final

I think that makes him a danger in long match events.

Why do some people feel the need to argue with other people's comments all the time?

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Ryan Day...in same half as Ron too.


Anonymous said...

"Why do some people feel the need to argue with other people's comments all the time?"

This is a real longshot but possibly because they don't agree with them???

Stevens won't even beat Day, let alone win the title

Your own stats show its 3 and a half years since he did well in these events

jamie brannon said...

Ronnie for me. I like Allen for runner up. He has a good quarter and is about to come of age for me sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people feel the need to argue with other people's comments all the time?
That's exactly the point of internet forums and blogs, isn't it? :D If everyone agrees with everyone then it's death by boredom. Stevens' form has been abysmal for years with a good match every now and then. And your record, anonymous 6:43, stops in 2005.
Stevens is one of my favs and I'd love to see him doing well but I don't think I should be holding my breath.

Mr. Hendon,
You've done quite well predicting lately indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Hendry.It's unlikely but we have learned over the years never to write him off.He has a tough draw but I would fancy him to beat Lee even though he got trounced by him in Belfast.If he does win that he would probably play Trump.This would be an absoloute cracker.A classic case of the old king against the young pretender to his throne.A win there would give him a lot of confidence and he still is so hard to beat in the longer matches when he is confidence.He looks good value to me at 27/1.COME ON STEPHEN.
Leaing Hendry aside it's hard to see past ROS BUT I also like Allen who I am certain is going to win a tournament very soon and it could well be this week especially as he seems to enjoy the longer matches.I also fancy Joe Swail to beat Higgins.

Anonymous said...

Can see where you are coming from re Ronnie and anything above 5/2 is not bad but I'm going for a Mark Selby and Mark Allen final.

Selby to come out on top!

Dave H said...

John - as far as I can see Ronnie has only ever defended two ranking titles: the China Open in 2000 and Welsh Open in 2005

Anonymous said...

With regard to earlier comments...

"This is a real longshot but possibly because they don't agree with them???"

Stevens having a good record in long-match events isn't something to agree or disagree with; it's a fact and anyone who says otherwise is just arguing for the sake of it.

"That's exactly the point of internet forums and blogs, isn't it? If everyone agrees with everyone then it's death by boredom. Stevens' form has been abysmal for years with a good match every now and then."

Yes it's all very well for people to disagree with each other, but it loses all meaning when people try to argue with the established facts.

And yes Stevens' form has been abysmal the last few years, but he got to the final in Bahrain and played very well in his qualifying match for the UK so it clearly isn't abysmal at the moment.

Whenever he's gone into a World or UK with any sort of form behind him, he's generally gone on to do very well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave- I was reminded by these posts of what an enormous favourite Ronnie has normally been when defending a UK or World title and yet he has never managed it. My main hope for this tournament is that we will see some top quality snooker from all the players as they settle into proper length matches!
I hope Doherty, Stevens, Hendry, Williams and Higgins recapture some of their old form and we have some classic matches between the old guard and the new. With tv coverage from the last 32 it could be a classic!
John H

Anonymous said...

c'mon Rory

and cessy, get your own patter ;)

Anonymous said...

When will you finally back Ali to win a tournament :)

Anonymous said...

Unlucky Dave- Ronnie went before quarter-finals as predicted- Mark Williams is still going strong!
John H

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hendon, your article title was spot on. (And that was tongue-in-cheek from me, I admit it.)