Ricky Walden, the reigning Shanghai Masters champion, has made a 141 total clearance using '16 reds' at the Maplin UK Championship qualifiers.

He got a free ball at the start of the frame from Mark Davis's foul. Of course the free ball counts as an extra red.

Four years ago, Jamie Burnett made a 148 - the highest break in the history of professional snooker - in this way.

I recall Steve James made a '16-red' clearance at the Crucible against Alex Higgins in 1990. It's happened a number of times but is still relatively rare.


Sammy said...

Didn't realise it was 16 red!
Could he of got over 147?
or did he not really have much of a chance?

Anonymous said...

I remember Steve James's 16 red 135 break in 1990. With 4 reds left his break was at 89 (a possible 148 on) and for some reason he finished of the break with lower value colours just to keep the break going.

Anonymous said...

The 1st ever break which started with a free ball was 146 by Alex Higgins. As I remember it was 1974/75 season Watneys Open.