Inevitably, there is much in the Sunday newspapers about the investigation into the betting irregularities surrounding the Stephen Maguire v Jamie Burnett match at the Maplin UK Champion.

I profile Burnett in the Sunday Herald.

Clive Everton analyses some of the key shots in the Observer where Kevin Mitchell looks at the consequences of the case for snooker.

Steve Davis expresses his fears for the future of the game in the News of the World.

A bookmaker explains why they called for an investigation in the Sunday Mail.

The Scotland on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph are full of doom and gloom.

Snooker has an image problem, largely because it hasn't reached out to the media in the way it should have.

The events of last week haven't helped improve its image.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I do not know whether either of the two players is guilty or not, that will be decided by people that know far more than me. However, what I find inconceivable is that after hearing about these rumours, neither player made their concerns known to the tournament officials before starting their match.

Surely, this single act would have been enough to cover themselves, and any pressures they were feeling should have been lifted.

Matt@PSB said...

I read some of these articles last night and as I said to someone else, I've always said that I'd like snooker to get more media coverage, but if it is going to be rubbish like this then maybe I was wrong.

That Sunday Telegraph one in particular is bizarre.

Matt@PSB said...

That said, Clive's piece is very interesting and yours is good of course!

Black_cat from TSF said...

I loved the Sunday Telegraph piece. It's so deliciously and mischievously politically incorrect it's refreshing and alive and wonderfully subjective.

As far as the betting scandal is concerned, I really hope that if it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the match was fixed, the player(s) involved will get a life ban and some very heavy fines.

Anonymous said...

At least most people stopped short of writing a full-blown obituary.

Next time we might not be so lucky.

There is a still a nagging doubt at the back of my mind. And there is a bit of me which says that the fact world snooker haven’t managed even ascertain the truth from the Ebdon-Wenbo let alone to catch or convict means other might believe that even when faced by damning evidence, they might actually get away with such a scam.

Anonymous said...

The gentleman from Paddy Power in the Sunday Mail makes the most pertanent comment when he says:
"There was a mixture of phone bets, internet bets and people going into the shop - yet we haven't had anyone ringing up chasing payment.

"That's highly unusual. I don't know what the reason might be but let's just say it's strange."


On another subject, watching last night I notice Sir Rodders was occupying the same chair as Rex Williams frequented for the finals. Always put me in mind of the Polit Bureau in old Russia.
Perhaps he should have allowed the real snooker fans those seats, and he could have kept Terry Griffiths and Marco's girlfriend company in the players lounge (I cringed for the game every time they went to that camera).

Its a very poor show Rodders. You need to give your head a wobble m8.

Anonymous said...

Further to my above post (when it comes online). Unlike the Sunday Telegraph, I have to stand up for Willie Thorne as a commentator. He is without doubt (in my humble opinion) head & shoulders above the rest at his job.

Clive Everton is particularly informative, although his delivery is a tad naff (Never been one of his biggest fans).

Dennis is Dennis - Absolutely amazing eh?

But Mr Virgo? Oh dear :o(
Not impressed at all. You should have gracefully retired at the top when the BBC dumped Big Break.