Back to the action and it's an interesting quarter-final line up at the Maplin UK Championship in Telford.

Ali Carter and Joe Perry have had such good years that it seems fitting they are still going.

However, Marco Fu - Perry's opponent - has already made four centuries and seems to be cueing very nicely.

I always expected Mark Williams to return to form and the twice champion is starting to look very good indeed.

Shaun Murphy has emerged from his recent slump and his opponent, Stephen Lee, has also rediscovered his touch.

John Higgins impressed yesterday against maximum man Ding Junhui while Stephen Maguire demonstrated a steely nerve to edge Neil Robertson.

So who is going to win?

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Anonymous said...

It's a fascinating line-up because with so many of the top 16 through and a couple of qualifiers who are event winners, any of them could genuinely win the event. Not often that you see that these days.

I think that the manner of his win against Neil Robertson last night could inspire Maguire though. That century he made to win the match was brilliant, right up there with the 147 for break of the week for me.

Anonymous said...

What a great line up- wonderful to have 4 quarter-finals which are too close to call with all the players apparently playing well- it will be good to finally see Fu and Carter in action today!
John H

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh Dave ... you did it again. I'm gutted Mark J is out. But then going for that difficult shot when he could have put Ali back in wasn't maybe the right decision under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

i think he missed the shot because he never compensated for the side properly. he may have had a slight kick but IMO that wasnt the main problem.