Please do not rush to St. Pancras station tomorrow to take on Mark Selby because his Masters promotional day has been moved to Brent Cross shopping centre instead.

World Snooker say this due to 'unforeseen circumstances.'

The mind boggles...


Anonymous said...

It won't matter that its been moved, as nobody from World Snooker / PA will have reported it anyway!

Anonymous said...

I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

'unforeseen circumstances.'

“Due to the cancellation of the SAGA service from Nowhere, leaving at 20.06 and terminating prematurely at 20.08 in Disarray, the normal Masters timetable has been suspended due to no money or ticket collectors.

“World Snooker apologise for this slight derailment but insist that there will be other services going to places people don’t necessarily want to visit, like Bahrain, China and Prestatyn.

“However, the Fat Controller has given his assurance that this is only a minor dent in the Main Tour timetable, and that people should not revert to other sports or modes of transport as they might have jam tomorrow."

Anonymous said...

Leaving from St Pancras you have also the Eurostar service to mainland Europe. ;)
Interested anyone?