Ricky Walden has been given the remaining wildcard for next month's Wembley Masters.

He was the outstanding choice having won the Shanghai Masters last October.

Nobody could argue the draw opened up for him out in China. Ricky beat Stephen Hendry, Neil Robertson, Steve Davis, Mark Selby and Ronnie O'Sullivan to win the title.

Good luck to him at Wembley. He has earned his place.


Anonymous said...

id rather have seen someone else get it, but i cant deny he did well and so realise why he got it.

Anonymous said...

As a title winner he deserves it! It is the right choice. Although I do think the rest of the field will be happy that the back to form Mark Williams was not given a place!
John H

Anonymous said...

At long last World Snooker make a credible decision.

Agree if he didn't win a ranking mjw would have been the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly going to add to the TV viewing figures or the attendance at Wembley though is he?
I can't deny that by winning in Shanghai he probably deserves it, but otherwise his recent form is very poor, and he'll probably not be in the top 16 next year!

stuartfanning said...

Mark Williams has had his time in the Sun, so needs to do a lot more to prove himself again as an elite player.

Anonymous said...

Mark Williams or Liang Wenbo would make it better viewing but gotta give Walden his dues.

Anonymous said...

the way i see it is its not about picking your favourite when giving your opinion, or giving your opinion on who you think others favourites are.

the wildcard as far as i know can encompass lots of things, not just people on good form, but popularity, potential, current form etc id take into account.

i dont like walden as a player. hes far from my favourite. i could have picked 5 others at least id rather have seen, but if i was the one choosing, or part of the group choosing, id be able to cast my personal opinion aside before deciding who deserves it. i dont think any deserve it more than walden, though i could argue a case some deserve it as much, depending what side of my hammock i got out of that morning.