Mark Selby is one of the last snooker players you could imagine going off the rails and his career shows no signs of hitting the buffers.

All of which is a rather tortuous way of informing anyone interested that Selby will be at St. Pancras station in London next Tuesday to launch the Wembley Masters.

There will be a table on the concourse and he will be taking on all comers between 8am and 2pm.

Of course in years gone by the obvious choice for this would have been John Pulman...


Anonymous said...

... or 'The Rocket'

Anonymous said...

or someone not controversial

Anonymous said...

Yes Selby's career is right on "track".

He's really made his "arrival" in the big time.

I think we all hold him in the very highest e-"steam".

He's become a "first class" player.

And reached a very high "standard".

That's how I'd "express" it anyway.

If you follow my train of thought.

Anonymous said...

hopefully be derailed tonight though

Anonymous said...

more steam roller than steam train