Ronnie O'Sullivan is interviewed by Gabby Logan on Inside Sport to be shown on BBC1 tomorrow at 11.05pm.

As they say on the news when giving out football scores, if you don't want to know the results then look away now...

"Jo and I are trying to work back together. That’s my aim. It would be fantastic if we could live together and bring up our family together. I’m probably a difficult person to be with, yeah.

“It’s difficult for a wife to be married to a sportsman who’s trying to stay at the top of their game. You can’t just wake up when you like. You can’t just eat four cream cakes, you’ve got to be professional, you’ve got to be ruthless.

"And sometimes your partner doesn’t get to see you as much. I went to The Priory and learnt about addictions. I had a problem but I don’t drink and don’t take drugs anymore. I had my struggles and I got help. I’ve gone to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and I got support."

"I’m not a religious person. I looked into Buddhism because I wanted some sort of happiness.

“I joined a Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green. I used to have my lunch and listen to the geezer do his thing and it was great.

“I did it for six weeks but what ruined it for me was someone kidnapped me, hijacked me and kept saying ‘Come and do it with me’ and that’s what put me off.

“I was just coming to chill out and then I’ve got them in my face trying to be a control freak , ‘come, meet my wife’ and it put me off going there.”

"I was 3-0 up against Davis in the semi-finals of the Premier League, missed a ball and went to shake his hand.

“As I walked towards him I thought: ‘What am I doing? You can’t do that’ and I walked back to my chair.

"The next day I’m leading Jimmy 4-0 in the final, missed a ball and went to do the same thing. And it got to the point against Stephen when I’m sitting there thinking: ‘I don’t want to be here.’

“And I just missed the ball, shook his hand and went: ‘Right, I’m off.’ I got out and felt relieved I’d done it.

“It’s been horrible to have to get a perspective on something I used to have so much passion for.

"I still feel like it sometimes, but I can’t do it again, because snooker bosses will slap me with a heavy fine. So if I feel like that again, I will have to pull out of tournaments.

“Snooker is a very hard game when you’re sitting in your chair with your mind."

"I must admit I am nervous thinking about it. How is it going to be? Because my last memory of dad was when he was out on bail, driving me to a snooker tournament when I was 15.

“I didn’t know whether he was going to go away or not, so it’s as if 18 years have gone. I have no memories other than a telephone conversation and a visit every two months, so you can’t make up for that.

“It’s going to be a different relationship now. I’m 33, I’ve got two kids and I’ve had my career but he’s done a good job with me, getting me to think in a certain way.

"He’s the most positive guy. That’s why I go for shots people think may be risky, but I believe they’re winners.

“It goes in, game over and I’ve always had that mentality.

“He loves snooker. And every time he sees me play on TV he’ll say it’s like a visit from me. He’s been such a proud man.

“He doesn’t want anything from me other than just, I’m his son.”

"I haven’t got the drive to win seven or eight world titles. I haven’t got the passion it takes to be a (Michael Schumacher), a Hendry, a Phil Taylor.

"You look at the hard facts of what I’ve won and I have definitely under-achieved.

“But I’m not going to be a slave to snooker. I don’t think I’ll be playing in five years, let alone winning another five world titles.

“I’ll leave a little legacy. I’ve done it my way, a waste of talent it might have been, but I’ve come out of it and I’m intact.

"I don’t want to be miserable when I’m 45 and think: ‘Well, what was that all about?’ It’s now that is important.”

Inside Sport is on BBC1 on Monday night at 11:05pm.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave. I can't imagine him retiring in 5 years but he probably will.

Anonymous said...

Er, doesn't he have THREE kids?

Anonymous said...

Legendary stuff.

Thanks for running the preview Mr Hendon.

Anonymous said...

He has three kids, but only 2 from Jo Langley.
Thanks Dave. Sounds quite reasonable all in all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Dave. That wasn't as revealing as the BBC had pointed out or have we got more to come?

Anonymous said...

Well "my left hand is my mistress"
imtervju is certainly missing!

Anonymous said...

"My lefthand is my mistress" interv. on BBC
Sully in top shape

Anonymous said...

Ta Dave, will probably miss it tomorrow if I go to the EIS.

Anonymous said...

He's a complex character alright, however I'm not sure if he can be happy with or without snooker. I reckon he'll stay involved with the game on some level beyond retirement - he needs it he doesn't want to become like a Gazza type figure.

Anonymous said...

Did he start breaking right handed mid match last night mid way through the PL final?

If so, I wonder why. He is of course allowed to break off using any hand he so wishes but I could have swore he said he could get more action or some other similar nonsense using his left hand when breaking that he couldnt right handed. Just thought it strange.

Anonymous said...


As I suspected, revealing only to Gabby Logan and the BBC.

Anonymous said...

I watched with interest the 'Inside Sport' interview. One thing that did surprise me is that he said: "I want to earn my living playing snooker. I don't want to to promotions/adverts, and I don't want to be around that environment".

Yet only today on his website - www.ronnieosullivan.tv - he announced, and I quote:
"Ronnie O'Sullivan appoints Guangzhou Eastern Sports Marketing Company as agent.

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN is pleased to announce the appointment of Guangzhou Eastern Sports Marketing Company as an official agent in China.
Eastern Sports are a successful and long-established concern in China, counting Audi, Honda, Nissan and Pepsi among its clients".

Does Ronnie know something we don't, or is he being a bit hypocritical.

I do have to say he did look at ease with himself, and agree he could win 5 more titles (at least) with his ability........ But where will he win them?

L8rs ;o)