John Parrott, the 1991 UK champion, has withdrawn from the qualifiers of this year's event trailing Andy Hicks 7-1.

Parrott informed tournament organisers that he was unwell.


Sammy said...

Parrot's done a Steve (Bahrain) and gone out of a tournament he was going out of anyway!

stuartfanning said...

Probably losing by 7 - 1 made him ill. Especially as he was playing a player who he should have had a good chance against.

Anonymous said...

This id off-topic but Dave could you please try to clarify the rumours story about Clive Everton and the BBC?

Dave H said...

Can't say anything on this I'm afraid

Anonymous said...

Just in case others haven't seen -

but take anything you read in the Daily Mail with a pinch of salt!

Anonymous said...

Sorry try this


Anonymous said...

This is an absolute disgrace.

Clive Everton is the most highly respected snooker journalist I have ever come across for his knowledge, history and sheer professional journalism and if you ask me World Snooker's fingerprints are all over it.

This just proves once again what a bog standard bunch of communists we have running the game nowadays (Rodney included!)

Anonymous said...

i rate phil higher

Anonymous said...

a bit strong perhaps?

Anonymous said...

if the Daily Mail story is true the BBC should be ashamed of themselves. Clive has followed in the footsteps of Ted Lowe and become 'The voice of snooker'
John H

Anonymous said...

Sale is so anti-Beeb it's laughable. He is selective in his targets, lacks backbone, and would probably have a go at the BBC if an employee did something innocent like sneezing in the wrong direction. He is a cheap and nasty reporter for a cheap and nasty newspaper.

Those same commentators he mentions in the Mail article were used at The Grand Prix - and Clive still had a leading role in the final.

I also find his 'celebrities' comment hard to fathom, since Clive himself was a top class billiards player, and also qualified for the TV stages of the Grand Prix many years back. I'm afraid many of sports great commentators are ex-sportsmen.

Although having said that, it would be a shame and a bad decision to see Clive go at this moment.

He is still the voice of snooker for me and has earned the right to continue as long as he likes. But the BBC will have to find new voices at some point.


Anonymous said...

It will be a very sad day if in-house politics deprive BBC viewers of hearing the voice of Clive Everton. Very well respected by many players, he is widely regarded as the best around and the loss will be BBC's.

However, when your very good, there will always be other people interested in employing you. Barry Hearn will ensure he is in the commenatry team for the Premier League and the PL Qualifiers from Crondon Park, and Eurosport, if they have any sense, will be on the phone at the first opportunity.

I am sure it wont be the last time we hear from Clive, it just may have to be for another channel

Anonymous said...

In all fairness guys, what is the point in making comments here if they're not based on something?

Clive was a good billiards player, but never one of the real top ones, and even if he had been it would hardly have made him a celebrity.

And saying that Clive is a celebrity because he "qualified for the TV stages of the Grand Prix many years back" is, to be fair, a bit ridiculous. Not least because it isn't true.

Anonymous said...


I didn't mean to call Clive a 'celebrity' in the context that perhaps you are thinking of - I suppose what I was trying to say was that Clive was an ex-player himself, like the other commentators, which kind of destroys Sale's argument in The Mail.

If this story is correct, then like everyone else I will be very disappointed, but to resort to personal insults towards other members of the BBC team, like Sale has done, is out of order in my book, and smacks of bitterness and jealousy towards the BBC.

Anonymous said...

Clive Everton is head and shoulders above every other commentator and it's an absolute disgrace that he's being phased out instead of Taylor or Thorne who waffle their way through transmissions with guff about golf and betting odds.

I've started a topic on the BBC 606 forum on the matter. Please sign up and add your comments.


Anonymous said...

imo clive isnt in the top 5 commentators. thats opinion, just like everyone else is entitled to theirs.