A new jazz album has been released inspired by Ronnie O’Sullivan.

‘View From the Pocket’ is by Northern Star People and features tracks including ‘147’ and ‘Black Ball.’

Their Myspace site describes Northern Star People as “Polish hip hop musicians,” which seems an unlikely community to be into snooker but I suppose that proves Ronnie’s pulling power.

Here’s what The Guardian make of the album.


Anonymous said...

Bit strange The Guardian is reviewing an album that has already been released more than three months ago...

Anyway, their "147" [first 50-seconds track on the album] is even faster than Ronnie's! :o)


Anonymous said...

Indeed this isn't the first time Ronnie has inspired music.

An Elvis impersonator in Ireland wrote a version of Elton John's "Rocket Man", all about Ronnie and his career.

He played it to Ronnie just before he went out to play in the last session of the Kilkenny Masters final in 2007.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe this was "worthy" of a blog, still its about RoS so.....

(not a dig davie, just an observation)