From the look on Andrew Higginson's face you'd have thought he'd won the World Championship after becoming the first man through to the Crucible following his 10-4 victory over Michael Judge.

Andrew turned pro in 1996. This will be his Crucible debut.

For all the various problems in the game, you can't beat the joy that comes from a moment like this.

He said: “When I first started playing snooker, this is what it was all about. You can try to win tournaments but your goal is to play at the Crucible.

“It’s taken me something like 14 attempts and I’m just ecstatic. To be able to walk through that curtain where all the greats have walked through is amazing.

“I’m just going to enjoy it no matter who I draw and no matter what happens.

“You won’t see me with a sad face at the Crucible.”

One down, 15 to go...

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even his normally straight faced companion will be smiling