Michael Holt, who has let demons bedevil him in the past, fought back from 7-4 down to beat Dominic Dale 10-7 and get through to the Crucible for the fourth time in his career.

In fact, Holt's had a very consistent season and will return to the top 32 having dropped out last season.

"My attitude is so much better than it was," he said.

When I asked him why, he replied, "Ten years of failure. After a while it stinks. It was getting embarrassing."

Best quote of the day came from Nigel Bond after booking his 15th Crucible appearance and his eighth as a qualifier, who said of the final qualifying round experience: "It just makes you feel sick."

Looking at the players as they came off, nerves shredded, it was obvious what he meant.

And we'll do it all again tomorrow...


Matt said...

Great stuff.

Looking forward to tomorrow, in particular the contrast of styles presented by the Harold/Wenbo clash. Any thoughts on how that one will pan out?

Anonymous said...

hope harold stuffs him

Dave H said...

Dave will struggle to keep Liang out because he goes for everything so needs to score heavily when he gets in.