It's no overstatement to say that Ken Doherty's match against Gerard Greene in then final qualifying round of the World Championship today is one of the biggest of his entire career.

The reason for this is that it could herald the end of his career if he loses.

Doherty's had a wretched season in which he has won just two matches.

If he doesn't beat Greene he will be out of the top 32 and consigned to spend even more time at the qualifiers next season, hardly a happy hunting ground for him during the current campaign.

It's therefore hardly surprising he has been putting the hours in here at the English Institute of Sport.

He arrived in Sheffield on Friday and has been practising hard every day since.

Ken's been not only a great player but also a great ambassador for the sport.

It would be sad to think there won't be at least one last great hurrah for him.


Monique said...

It would be more than sad if Ken's last match was to happen in a qualifs "cubicle" (although they are not exactly cubicles in EIS). He's a WC and if (IF) he is to take his farewell from snooker at the end of the season it would be only appropriate he does it at the Crucible where he lifted the trophy 12 years ago.
Here is hoping he gets massive support today and makes it...

And sorry Gerard Greene.

Pete@cuesport.tv said...

Experience often counts in the longer matches and it would be sad if Ken failed to qualify. It proves though how difficult the qualifying circuit is and also what talent is available at the lower levels.

I do expect Ken to come through this one!

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be tough... Ken's already 3-0 down at the moment.

C'mon Ken!

RichP said...

Dave, what's happening with Davis, he doesn't seem to be able to pot two balls in succession according to the livescore. Any hope of a revival?