Judd Trump and Ricky Walden are among the six players who have already booked their places in the final qualifying round of the World Championship.

Neither hung about. Trump demolished Joe Delaney 10-1 while Walden thumped Rod Lawler by the same score.

Both these young talents would enhance the televised stage but to get to the Crucible they must each beat a far more experienced opponent.

Trump faces Stephen Lee while Walden, looking for his Crucible debut, tackles Anthony Hamilton.

Rory McLeod, who lost in the final qualifying round last year, will provide the opposition for 2005 semi-finalist Ian McCulloch.

For Mark Williams to appear at the Crucible for a 13th consecutive year he must first beat Tom Ford, who came through despite a determined performance by Patrick Wallace.

Williams’s fellow former champion, Ken Doherty, needs to beat Gerard Greene to get through. The omens are good for the Dubliner: he beat Greene at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield – where the qualifiers are being staged – in the corresponding round of this season’s UK Championship.

Finally, what a great performance by young Daniel Wells, who has now won three matches 10-9.

His latest victory was over Marcus Campbell last night and has secured his place on the circuit for another season.

Wells must beat Barry Hawkins to get to the Crucible.


Anonymous said...

What a shame we were not able to watch these thrilling matches by livestreaming! And then just as the last 3 were poised at 9-8 the live scoring stopped updating.
Looks like some good matches coming up in the final qualifiers now- many of them would of been fitting crucible quarter-finals!
Could you tell us more about Tom Ford and any others who reach final qualifying who are less well known?
Thanks Dave

Mike said...

I agree whole-heartedly with the comments above. How expensive would it be to stream these great matches? As expensive as pointless campaigns such as 'Hotshots'? Its little wonder snooker is struggling for sponsors when its fans cannot even watch great matches in any form of broadcast!

Anonymous said...

Reckon the betting websites would show the qualifiers if world snooker approached them. They do a great job with the championship league


Anonymous said...

"he beat Greene at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield – where the qualifiers are being staged – in the corresponding round of this season’s UK Championship."

I think Doherty beat Greene in the NI instead of UK.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested to know that this year's Crufts show is being streamed live on the internet after the BBC pulled out. So if they can do it why can't World Snooker? I did emailed them to ask about this a couple of weeks ago but haven't recived a reply. I think it is important that we keep up the pressure on them so even if it's frustrating we should all keep emailing them with our points and suggestions.

Matt said...

Yeah Ken beat Liu Chuang at the EISS, Greene was at the TV stage in NI, the round before he lost 5-4 to ROS.

Was an interesting night at the EISS yesterday, at one point it looked like we would be done by about 10pm but then all of the players trailing started to make a comeback. Seriously thought that Greene was going to let it slip at one point but he just managed to steal and important frame at 8-6 and go on from there.

snookerfan said...

I hope they show the final qualifiers live. If they can show premier league qualifying live which isn't even a ranking qualifier, then surely they should show qualifiers for World champs.

Dave H said...

I don't see any excuse for it in this day and age, not least because World Snooker were offered a considerable sum of money for the rights to stream the qualifiers and turned it down.

Snooker desperately needs exposure. This would have been a good way to get it.

Dave H said...

Also, thanks for pointing out my error re: Doherty v Greene

Sammy said...

Holt'ys Losing!

Claus Christensen said...

What? They turned down the good people who offered to stream it? That's....insane..! I can't believe it. I hope initiatives such as the recently formed players' association can put pressure on these so-called caretakers of the sport. Give 'em hell ginger.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jamie Cope, Judd Trump, Liang Wenbo and Daniel Wells!

Anonymous said...

agree on 3 of the 4. dont want wenbo to win

Anonymous said...

I find that revelation about WS turning down the live streaming absolutely staggering Dave. There is a real tangible failure of management at the place, covering these matches online is a must.

Dave H said...

Staggering but true. It's the reason the Championship league came into being. The company streaming it wanted to do snooker, were rebuffed by the WPBSA so went to Barry Hearn and he came up with the CLS.