So what's happening here at the final qualifying round of the World Championship?

I've just watched two frames of Martin Gould v Matthew Stevens and Gould is playing superbly. He made a 113 break in the last frame of the session that was, I promise you, as good as any century you will see.

It just shows what confidence does for you. He beat Stephen Hendry live on TV at the Welsh Open and is now feeling better about his game than at any time in his career. He leads 6-3.

Watching Michael Holt play snooker is a bit like watching the dentist scene with Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man. It's torture.

Holt lost the eighth frame to trail Dominic Dale 5-3. He left the arena shaking his head and returned a few minutes later, still shaking his head.

He then proceeded to knock in a nice 61 - not quite enough to make it 5-4 but he since got in again to do just that.

I hereby predict the last match to finish will be Stuart Bingham v Alan McManus if the eighth frame of their contest is anything to go by.

It appeared they were trying to put the reds back into the triangle - albeit with only eight of them on the table - but McManus is a master of tactical play and Bingham needs to make sure he doesn't get dragged into this if he is to win.

Nerves are everywhere at the English Institute of Sport. They are, of course, in the arena but also outside the arena where friends and family pace anxiously, unable to watch.

The nerves infect everyone. You feel it just watching from the back of the hall.

And they are only going to grow as the day goes on.


Jonathan said...

How I wish this was broadcast in some fashion - it is the most exciting of rounds and I would pay to watch it streamed over the internet. World Snooker are you listening?

Anonymous said...

WS can be contacted directly Jonathan. Its better than posting here asking if they can see/hear. ;)