This is how I see the China Open for Betfair.


Anonymous said...

With your tipping skill's Dave you have surly put Judd in a noose lol.

JohnH said...

fair comments on Judd- although I suspect he may have a reaction to winning last week. I would look to O'Brien, Harold or Hendry to spring a suprise

kimball said...

The question of sponsors for China Open is now answeded on the WSA website.
it must be good news for the prosport, that one sponsor is Bank of Beijing, a state owned affair.

The 26-part cartoon about Ding Junhui will be equally good news.

Judd Trump might have an reaction
from last week, as John H said.
Beat Selby, pack your bags and of to China to win?
Either huge form, a lot of experience or being 19 years of age
can beat the upcoming jetlag.

A subject that should be seriously
discussed could be the qualification rules for turning pro.
Everybody is at a huge disadvant- age to Great Britain.
A topic I would like to see Dave adress sometime.

Anonymous said...

.....and win a match?

Dave H said...

Oh no, Judd!!!

Anonymous said...

Not one of your better tips Dave. Judd with only himself to blame today, very poor showing all round against a decidedlt mediocre opponent. Even Ebdon on current form shouldn't lose to him!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm surprised that you didn't tip Selby, to me he was the star turn last week at CRondon.