The fourth Snooker Scene podcast features Joe Johnson, the 1986 world champion, chatting about life before he turned pro, his extraordinary success at the Crucible, meeting Princess Diana and much more.

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jamie said...

Hi, Dave is there any chance you could list the remaining Championship League dates? Also why only three days rather than four for the final qualifying for the Crucible, I thought you could only fit four in?

Matt said...

I'm not Dave but these are the dates I believe:

Group 7 - Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24
Winners' Group - Wednesday, March 23 and Thursday, March 26

The final qualifying round at Sheffield is interesting, the sessions all week have been six matches starting at 10am, then four at 2:30pm and then the morning matches coming to an end from 7pm.

The final round though will see 10am and 4pm sessions with six matches on Sunday, then five on Mon/Tues.

Not entirely sure why they've done it in three days rather than the two they could have done it in. My cynical side says that they have strung it out another day to get more ticket money in...

Sleepy Eyed Virgo said...

did jimmy white lose in qualy for world champs? You seemed to be following his progress at first then all went quiet.

Matt said...

He lost his second match to Andy Hicks.

Anonymous said...

anyone actually got any comments on the subject???

Dave, thanks a lot to you and Joe for this podcast. :)

Anonymous said...

excellent podcast (again!). Thanks Joe and Dave- great to relive some old memories and be well entertained. I was very interested to hear what Joe had to say about what an exceptionally good player Terry Griffiths was- I remember well the 81/82 season and the fantastic rivalry between Davis and Griffiths that season when hardly anyone else got a look in until the crucible! Five consecutive finals was quite a sequence.

Matt said...

When is Terry generally acknowledged to have been at the peak of his powers? Seemed to be around and competing at such a high level for a long time on paper.

Another good podcast btw.

Anonymous said...

id say between 78 and 83.

another good podcast btw (added in to make it look like i am on topic)