In a forthcoming podcast I will be putting questions to one of snooker's leading referees.

Do you have a query about one of the rules?

Has something happened in a match that you didn't understand and would like clarifying?

If so, please email your questions to snookersceneblog@aol.com (please do not post them below).

It would be helpful if you included your name and where in the world you are.

We will need your questions by Sunday.

++ On a related theme, in today's Championship League match between Ken Doherty and Steve Davis, Ken went for a red, it jumped out of the pocket and came to rest on the cushion rail.

The ruling is that it is a foul and that the red is placed in a pocket.

If you have any questions on arcane rules such as this, email them to us.


Anonymous said...

id rather put questions here...

if they get used or not, so be it

- do you think refs should be allowed to consult action replays to assist them [in certain circumstances] and why?

- the pocket runners are extended, due to lots of reds etc, but why are some refs still taking balls out them and moving them. surely they can be extended more, by a few inches. get those fitters told ;)

- would you like to see ONE tournament on the tour as an "informal" clothing tournament where officials and players wear what they wish and why?

- do you smoke? if so, is it difficult when a session is very long to withdraw?

- is it legal for a player to bring out a pair of platform shoes to put on if they are having difficulty reaching a shot and dont want to use the rest?


Anonymous said...

As a referee myself I'd like to answer the above questions:

- Absolutely. Remember that it takes a lot of concentration to referee and to memorise exactly where each and every balls was in case of a miss and 7 or more balls (as example) having been moved, is impossible.

- Balls are removed from the pocket rails since when the rails are full and a player pots another ball, the balls could either all drop to the floor OR the ball potted could "jump" out of the pocket and land on the table. Obviously the latter is the worst case scenario since the player isn't to blame for that.

- I'm personally against loosening the clothing regulations (for referees at least). The smart dress is part and parcel of the game, however, I do think referees should be allowed to wear personal sponsor logos and the likes (provided they follow the same guidelines as those for players.

- FYI: I don't smoke myself. As a referee in the professional circuit there are few times you do more than 4 frames in a row. Only at the back end of long frame matches (UK and WC) could you be faced with doing 6 or so frames in a row. As such I think it's manageable even for the most arduous of smokers.

- Platform shoes. I haven't personally seen this but the rules don't say it's not allowed. Think perhaps of women players who prefer to play in heels...why not?

On the whole I can say I love refereeing and as I've been lucky enough to also referee in the professional circuit for approx 4 years now I get to see the amateurs AND the pros. Will keep loving it till the end!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that anonymous referee, but those were questions id like asked to a well know referee when i can actually hear them answer and know 100% it is them, not someone on a PC saying they are.

(also, my point in the 2nd question was why are the black spot end runners not extended again so that the taking of balls [reds] out isnt required. they were extended years ago, but theres plenty room for a few more inches.)


Anonymous said...

Q: what happens when a player gets a ball marker out of his pocket and checks with it if the black ball goes on its spot (without actually touching any balls)?

Q: to indicate where he should hit the cushion (player is snookered), a player "forgets" his chalk on that spot on the cushion rail and plays the shot. Allowed?

Dave H said...

Can we please not have people asking and answering questions on here, otherwise there's no point doing the podcast

Thank you

Anonymous said...

is that a question you want answered Dave?

*heed taken

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the document that was recently leaked to the press that contained proposals to revamp the game?


David said...

very good anon 10:22 gave me a chuckle