Things are looking bleak for both Steve Davis and Ken Doherty.

Davis lost the first five frames to Lee Spick and seemed to be really struggling. This is something of a surprise after the way he played in the Championship League last week but this is the World Championship and Steve has bags of pride.

He's won this title six times and would be very disappointed not to be at the Crucible for a 28th time this year.

Doherty is making too many unforced errors against Gerard Greene but has at least now won a frame and seems to be getting to grips with a slow table.

I wouldn't rule out a comeback from the 1997 champion.

I like the way Daniel Wells plays. Unlike a lot of young players he doesn't just go for everything. He's more measured than that but Barry Hawkins is playing that little bit better at the moment.

Ian McCulloch started off in fine style against Rory McLeod but mistakes are now creeping in and he trails 3-2.

Joe Swail's match against Matthew Couch took more than two hours to reach the interval, with Swail leading 3-1.

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